So, this is a great picture of a shirtless Jose Bautista and sleeveless Ricky Romero to keep in the breast pocket of your blazer. Every time some chuckle brother accuses the home run king of juicing, kindly pull out this picture point to Bautista and walk away. Just walk away.

And ladies, that would be former first baseman Sean Casey between the two stallions. Jealous, much?

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  2. Some idiot is going to say “Jose is so jacked! He’s on something” Even though he has little muscle mass just a really low body fat %

  3. It could just be the perspective but Ricky’s pipes look way bigger than Jose’s. Therefore, Ricky Romero is on steroids.

  4. I never realized how much Romero looks like the cartel twins from season 3 of Breaking Bad.

  5. teaching ricky how to hit jacks is the new market inefficiency.

  6. Somebody send that pic to Damien Cox.

  7. Gotta ask the question: does David Cooper have Sean Casey posters on his bedroom wall?

  8. Wow, Jose Bautista is even smaller than I thought.
    The power is all in the beard.

  9. Canada + beard = lumberjack strength

    Bautista is a lot smaller than i thought.. or those other two are huge

  10. Gotta ask the question.

  11. Anybody with a brain knows that Bautista is on HGH.

  12. Aren’t Bautista and Romero both listed at 6’0″? Casey’s listed at 6’4″. Methinks Romero is more toward the 6’2″ range ad clearly Casey and Romero are roidin’ it up.

  13. And then they playfully pushed each other into the pool.

  14. You can also keep one of these in your pocket, for comparison’s sake:

  15. He’s gotta be on something, I mean, look at his face, then look at his chest. Where is the hair that should be there? ~cries~

    Also: is there a bigger version of this photo somewhere … can’t tell if it’s an innie or an outie.

  16. He isn’t juicing. He’s cheating by stealing signs being relayed from a fan in center field, particularly at homes games. As soon as several pitchers grow a pair and knock him down consistently, or Bud Selig crawls out of his 500-mile underground lair to respond to something other than an amateur player receiving a dime more than the insanely low amount he asked for, Bautista will revert to his old, familiar form.

  17. What Bullshit, why would they only give signs to Bautista but allow Aaron Hill, Adam Lind and Travis Snider to suck wind most of the year.


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