Sandy Alderson is a good GM. I say this without actually knowing if it is true or not. Mets fans were glad when he arrived and hasn’t done anything especially Metsy in his time there. A step in the right direction, for sure.

One of these steps includes conducting conference calls with bloggers. This doesn’t make him a good or bad GM but it does make it clear to me that his head and his ass are generally kept at a comfortable distance. The good people at Amazing Avenue have the full transcript, which is interesting in its own right.

During this conference call, professional baseball general manager Sandy Alderson was asked (by Mets PR) if he watched the Walking Dead. His answer was amazing and sure to grace the comment section of Mets blogs for years to come.

Shannon Forde, Mets Media Relations: Shannon [Shark] really wants to know if you watch the Walking Dead.

Alderson: The Walking Dead, by the way, was a Marine battalion in Vietnam, I don’t know what it’s referring to now, probably Vampires or something…

Which, of course, leads to this:

It works for just about everything Mets-related. What happened to Jason Bay? Probably vampires or something. Why did Jose Reyes come out of the final game of the year after just a single at bat? Probably vampires or something. Why did the Mets attendance fall off the map in 2011? PROBABLY VAMPIRES OR SOMETHING.

It’s fun, I encourage you to do your worst. It’s the Mets, after all. They deserve every last bit of it.

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  1. You have your fingers on the pulse of what drives the internet. Man, you, like, get it.

  2. What ever happened to Omar Minaya??

    Oh ya, that’s right…vampires…

  3. there’s gotta be some kind of ‘vampires or something’ that can work with piazza shaking a wooden stake at roger clemens

  4. Why couldn’t Brad Emaus stick on the roster?

    I dunno, probably vampires or something.

    (Yeah, it totally works.)

  5. I love how Alderson’s comment started off as totally badass (referring to Vietnam), to incredibly hilarious (Vampires). This is the stuff that dream memes are made of!

  6. What could possibly suck more than the Mets?
    I dunno, probably Vampires or something.

  7. Okay, let’s see here…

    Why wasn’t Al Lieter pulled sooner in Game 5 of 2000 World Series?

    I dunno, probably Vampires or something.

    Why didn’t Carlos Beltran swing at any of the 3 pitches he saw in the bottom of the 9th of Game 7 of 2006 NLCS?

    I dunno, probably Vampires or something.

    How did the Mets blow a 7 game lead with 17 games left in 2007?

    I dunno, probably Vampires or something.

    Yeah, kinda works.


    …I dunno. Probably vampires or something.

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