In a move that’s presumably aimed at allowing the Orange County Register’s Sam Miller to attain retribution for the last two years of Jeff Mathis jokes that I’ve tweeted, the Toronto Blue Jays have acquired the worst batter in all of baseball over the last four years. The cost: left handed starter Brad Mills.

Mills, the epitome of a Quadruple A player, isn’t exactly a high cost, but giving him up for Mathis a complete head scratcher considering that the former catcher for the Los Angeles Angels was most likely going to be non tendered in less than two weeks time, making him a free agent, available to anyone who wanted to pick him up, and likely at a rate below what he’ll earn through arbitration.

Mathis, 28, is projected by MLB Trade Rumors to earn $1.8 million next season. That’s about four Brian Jerolomans.

If anything can be gathered from his career to date, Jeff Mathis simply isn’t fit to have a spot on a Major League roster, at any price, and it’s one of the eight wonders of the world that he’s remained so to date. His services, always inferior and somewhat redundant, became even more so after the Angels acquired Chris Ianetta from the Colorado Rockies.

The 26 year old Mills has spent time in the big leagues in each of the last three seasons, exhibiting a a rather harmless 85 miles per hour fastball and a long, loopy curve ball that’s fun to watch for fans and opposing batter alike.

The most logical explanation for Alex Anthopoulos acquiring Mathis:

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  1. Maybe this is some kind of penance for the Wells trade? It’s the only thing that makes sense…

  2. Both these players are worth nothing. Get over it. I’d be surprised if Mathis even lasts the season.

  3. Maybe AA had a mouth full of souvlaki when he said “Hank Conger”?

    • This makes sense.

    • Well actually, Mathis is worth about $1.8-million, or essentially Jose Molina. The point is why would AA acquire a player who was about to be non-tendered and could have been had for much less (like a minor league deal). Ultimately, yes, it’s a minor deal that doesn’t matter much, but don’t pretent like it means nothing.

  4. Who should get over what?

  5. Sooo…. Either this was a thank you package for the Vernon Wells deal or AA couldn’t find a better back-up catcher? At least we know he can handle pitchers well.

  6. Either this is case of one team trading a non-tender candidate for another with neither team having any intention of hanging on to their new player if a better option can be found.


    Jeff Mathis is the new market inefficiency and we’re all just not smart enough to realize it yet.

  7. Unless Mathis is playing every day, I can’t see this as being something to get worked up over.

  8. Why did Anthopoulos acquire Mathis?

    I don’t know, probably vampires or something.

  9. This is a total safety move on AA’s part. Someone’s gotta back up JPA and I’m pretty sure Zauny’s not coming down from the booth…. My question is just how far off is Travis d’Arnaud from coming up???

  10. hey parkes i called this..on your other post

  11. How does Mathis score on that pitch framing metric that revealed Molina to be even better than he seemed?

  12. The problem with Jeff Mathis was really that Mike Scocia decided to play him every day. He’s not an every day player, but with the state of catching around the league has a lot of qualities suited for a backup. He may even hit better on a rate basis if he’s playing 50 games a year. That and he cost the Jays nothing in terms of players.

  13. oh please, everyone is sour grapes about this guy.

    yet, every one wanted johnny mac back.

    they are the same player, johnny mac is more versatile, but they are both great defence, no bat.

    we need a good defensive backup who can catch good games when needed which is barring any serious injury for Arencibia.

    30 games max.

  14. From the looks of the pic Jerry Sandusky might want to trade for Mathis.

  15. So, which Rangers reliever does Mathis net us?

  16. Well, The last catcher that AA acquired from the Angels had a great season, so…

  17. This is just someone that AA can cut, when D’Arnaud is ready for the bigs

    He didn’t want to sign a FA then cut him….So he figured Mathis w.e.

    Brad Mills had no place with the Jays

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