In a move that’s presumably aimed at allowing the Orange County Register’s Sam Miller to attain retribution for the last two years of Jeff Mathis jokes that I’ve tweeted, the Toronto Blue Jays have acquired the worst batter in all of baseball over the last four years. The cost: left handed starter Brad Mills.

Mills, the epitome of a Quadruple A player, isn’t exactly a high cost, but giving him up for Mathis a complete head scratcher considering that the former catcher for the Los Angeles Angels was most likely going to be non tendered in less than two weeks time, making him a free agent, available to anyone who wanted to pick him up, and likely at a rate below what he’ll earn through arbitration.

Mathis, 28, is projected by MLB Trade Rumors to earn $1.8 million next season. That’s about four Brian Jerolomans.

If anything can be gathered from his career to date, Jeff Mathis simply isn’t fit to have a spot on a Major League roster, at any price, and it’s one of the eight wonders of the world that he’s remained so to date. His services, always inferior and somewhat redundant, became even more so after the Angels acquired Chris Ianetta from the Colorado Rockies.

The 26 year old Mills has spent time in the big leagues in each of the last three seasons, exhibiting a a rather harmless 85 miles per hour fastball and a long, loopy curve ball that’s fun to watch for fans and opposing batter alike.

The most logical explanation for Alex Anthopoulos acquiring Mathis: