OriLOLes Admit Interest In Fielder

The annual rite of passage for fans of the Baltimore Orioles begins today with General Manager Dan Duquette admitting that the organization is interested in bringing high profile free agent Prince Fielder to Maryland.

If previous seasons are anything to go by, we can expect Fielder to sign elsewhere and the Orioles to over pay for a far inferior option to fill a position that would likely be best served by giving an in house option the opportunity. So, basically what this suggests is that just like last year, Derrek Lee will be signing a free agent contract with Baltimore in the coming weeks, as the team trumpets their attempt to get back to being a .500 baseball club, which should be good enough once again for fifth place in the American League East.

Then again, Casey Kotchman is still out there.

As for Fielder, I’m sticking to my original prediction that the slugger signs with the Texas Rangers, who have been rather quiet to date, for something close to seven years for $160 million.