One of my favourite features on FanGraphs is when they throw it to their readers and mine well-informed opinion to come up with an amalgamated result.

With news that the Chicago Cubs are attempting to dump the remaining years of the toxic waste of a contract that they have with Alfonso Soriano on the Baltimore Orioles, I was wondering if such an event were to come to pass, should the move it be considered something that NOOOrioles or OriLOLes did?

And so, I’ll put it to you, dear readers, which name more aptly describes the acquisition of a left fielder / designated hitter who is owed $18 million annually through to the 2014 season, while cheaper and equal, if not better, options go to rest on the team’s bench?

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  1. I have been using OriLOLs. E is optional, I guess.

  2. As you know, at Productive Outs we are staunch supporters of the LOL, so our vote is decidedly for “OriLOLes.”

  3. OriLOLes has such a nice ring to it

  4. Yeah, definitely OriLOLs/OriLOLes. So much more apt.

  5. its defiantly OriLOLs, yea the ‘e’ is optional..

  6. OriLOLes for sure.

  7. OriLOLs/OriLOLes

  8. As the NOOORIOLES person, I meant for them to NOT make another idiotic trade. The Hardy one worked out so well! Anything involving Angelos being a dummy is automatic ORILOLES though :)

  9. Definitely OriLOLes

  10. how bout plain ole’ “18 wins”

  11. I like turtles.

  12. Don’t blame me, I voted for OriLOLes.

  13. Im a big fan of OriLOLs personally, but perhaps they become situation specific?

    As in – OriLOLs is used for general talk about the OriLOLs, NOOOrioles is in reaction to a specific event.

    “The OriLOLs are in discussions about how to deal with their payroll situation”
    “Alfonso Soriano has been traded to the NOOOrioles”

  14. OriLOLes all the way… after this signing, and the inevitable clear out of young talent to make room for him (somehow this will include the young pitching staff who will in some way only peter angelos understands be blocking soriano), this meme will take over the entire internet, if not the world, and possibly both of the newly discovered potentially life having planets in other solar systems.

  15. NOOOrioles is perfect for fans of the teams. OriLOLes is perfect for everyone else.

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