Yesterday Parkes wrote about the Marlins faith in Hanley Ramirez ability to maintain superprofessionalism in the face of his team acquiring a player who plays his very position. All this despite Hanley previously insisting that he’s a shortstop and always will be, so help him Derek.

The passage of day to night gave Hanley time to think about his prospects with the Fish. Turns out he’s less than enthused.

The first cracks in Hanley’s steely facade came via Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post. Capozzi reported Ramirez was “distraught” at the though of moving off his beloved shortstop position. Distraught seems like an awfully strong word but pride is a thing for sure.

Cue Hanley’s new manager Ozzie Guillen bursting to the angsty sluggers defense, in the way only Ozzie can (via Fox Sports):

“Hanley Ramirez is my guy.” When asked about the potential of the Marlins trading Ramirez, Guillen seemed taken aback.

“No. Well. Wow,” Guillen said. “I can’t say no. But I’ve been with this team for a few months. That’s the last thing we think about.

“I’m not saying yes or no. I’m not the GM. But right now, for Ozzie Guillen and the Marlins, Hanley Ramirez is the man. I don’t give a f— who we bring in.”

You tell’em, Ozzie!

Of course, in all his chest-beating and Hanley promoting, Ozzie didn’t make single mention of the position for the franchise leader in career WAR and total bases. Which is smart, another “very Ozzie” thing that is often overlooked.

Hanley himself finally broke his silence today via his twitter page. The cryptic words of a man in his second language cannot always be taken at face value, remember.

It is true, Hanley. We are wondering what you’re going to do? The Marlins pay you a lot of money and your team looks like it is about to get significantly better. That’s good for business, right? With a legit leadoff hitter ahead of you, you could become a “badass” like your manager said and drive in 150 runs. That counts for something! Don’t give up hope, Hanley!

Okay then. More of the bland platitudes we come to expect from athletes on Twitter. This is why I don’t follow you in the first place, boss.

Will the Marlins trade Hanley Ramirez? Moving a disgruntled superstar coming off a down year just after signing his replacement is a great way to get fifty cents on the dollar, so let’s assume the Marlins don’t pull the trigger right away. Keeping Hanley gives the Marlins three legit 5 WAR players in their lineup with another possibly on the way. That is the kind of core teams dream about.

Ozzie might joke that Hanley is better served at third base because he won’t have as far to chase balls that elude him but, as Wendy Thurm at Fangraphs suggests, history doesn’t bode well for a successful move to the hot corner.

Can Hanley hack it at second base? Is a move to the vast expanses of centerfield at the new stadium in the team’s best interests? The Marlins have a lot of options, including moving Hanley to left if need be. Depending on the rest of their offseason, there are many decent young pieces (LoMo, Gaby) who might fetch the pitching help they desperately need.