Hanley: No Dice on Third Base

Important update to the Hanley Ramirez saga. According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes (and regular ESPN), Hanley doesn’t want to move. At all.

Via the magic of Google translate, we have an odd version of events courtesy of Rojas source.

“Hanley did not want to play third base and the Marlins were informed of the boy thought,” said the source. “Rather than ask for a change, what he has done is to inform you not want to play another position other than shortstop,” he said.

That seems rather definitive that Hanley doens’t want to play third. Does that change anything in the team’s eyes? Surely not.

Do you know what a day without an Ozzie Guillen quote is like? It is like a day without Google-translated sunshine.

“The last thing we would do is slap the guy and say ‘you have to move’, that is not the way,” Guillen said. “I think the boy will have the opportunity to be an All-Star third baseman. We have the opportunity to have two All-Star in these positions,” he said.

I fear slapping him is the only thing that might work.

This situation is not intractable. The Marlins have a big chunk of time to impress upon Ramirez the value of moving positions, the value of playing in the middle of a stacked lineup, and the value of his defense at short stop. He isn’t good, all sources agree.

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  1. Is that the sound of the Silent Assassin sneaking up to plant Hanley at SS for the Jays?

    • Nope. He’s simply going to whisper “This is for Montreal” into Loria’s ear before snapping his neck, is all.

  2. what would it take to get him in a jays uniform?

  3. I don’t love the idea of HanRam as a Jay. What would that say to Escobar if he had to go to 2B to accommodate this petulant child? Or would they trade him and his gorgeous contract to Florida?

    This isn’t fun to think about.

  4. News flash Hanley: you’re getting paid to play baseball, not to play shortstop.

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