Unleash the ticker tape! The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t even pretending to keep it quiet anymore. They’re going to try their hardest to become the most expensive replacement level team in the history of baseball.

Why else would Los Angeles sign a pitcher who clearly peaked three seasons ago to a two year deal worth $12 million?

33 year old right handed starting pitcher Aaron Harang will fill out the Dodgers rotation, but in all honesty, is his contribution over the next two seasons really going to be that much more than what Nathan Eovaldi would’ve brought? And even if it is more, it surely won’t be enough to make the team competitive in the National League West.

The Dodgers will now be spending almost $16 million next year on Harang, Mark Ellis, Jerry Hairston, Adam Kennedy and Juan Rivera. If they get three wins above replacement from those five players, the team should be thrilled.