I love twitter. I really do. It is amazing place to exchange jokes and ideas and links and scorn with a wide cross-section of people with nearly identical likes and interests to my own. News is broken on Twitter, stuff happens on twitter first and we all react elsewhere.

There is another side of twitter. It gives voice to brainless mouthbreathers, many of whom shouldn’t be allowed to pilot motor vehicles or own sharp knives. They are alternately vile and hateful and seemingly incapable of looking beyond the end of their own nose.

Famous athletes changing teams shines a light into this dark corner of our world. Twitter searches bring those of us willing to climb ever-so-slightly above the fray back into its lightless core. Storify records it all for posterity.

Join me below the jump for the worst twitter reactions to “Jose Reyes Becomes a Marlin.” Warning – the language is offensive and may cause you to lose all hope in society, if you haven’t already.

Much of this heavy lifting was done by winking Phillies supporter Fan Since 09. Doing the Lord’s work, exposing hateful Mets fans.

We could go on but this was more than enough ugliness for one day. Thanks, idiots who also happen to be Mets fans. You ruined my day.