Baseball’s annual winter meetings are in full swing and as you’ve seen around here, the rumour mill is buzzing with who’s going where and for how much.

The two biggest names out there responsible for most of the hoopla are Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, both first basemen who can hit for power and now looking to turn their talents into a multi-year, multi-million dollar payday.

Prince has been linked to several different teams on-and-off throughout this process with Miami, Toronto, and Chicago mentioned consistently along with his former team in Milwaukee.  While Albert, similarly has been paired up with either Miami, Chicago or back where he’s always played in St. Louis.

When the amount of years and dollars being thrown about is this high you’d have to know there are other factors at play here when a player ultimately decides where he ends up wanting to suit up.  Probability of winning, management, location, are all valid concerns… but what about how you’re going to look in the uniform?

Well, that’s where I like to help.  Mr. Fielder, Mr. Pujols, I know you have a difficult decision coming up, so I ask you to please take a look at yourself in the uniforms of your suitors, which I have carefully incorporated onto the front of your 2012 Topps baseball cards, before making anything final.

I’ll start with the aggressive newcomer to the pack, the Miami Marlins, rumoured to have offered Albert a 10-year deal recently.

Albert Pujols Prince Fielder Miami Marlins

I don’t care how much cash was offered, do you really want to be wearing that for 10 years?  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeffrey Loria had you re-routing traffic outside the stadium before games… heck, they won’t have any money leftover to hire game staff to do it. While Pujols can rock the orange better than Fielder, I’d still avoid signing here.  Even if the uniforms looked great we all know what’s going to happen to this franchise once again in a couple of seasons.

The Chicago Cubs

Albert Pujols Prince Fielder Chicago Cubs

You can feel the City of St. Louis cringing at the sight of this Albert, you’re their hero in the clothing of their hated rival – ask Johnny Damon how that works out for you – but still the Cubs are rumoured to be players in both the Pujols and Fielder sweepstakes.  Yes Albert, you do look good in the Cubbies uniform, but Prince just looks like he was born to play in those pinstripes (thankfully they’re not Yankee blue in this case).  Prince, please seriously consider any decent offer from Chicago.

The Toronto Blue Jays

Albert Pujols Prince Fielder Toronto Blue Jays

Yeah I know, they’re not really in the market for either of you two, this was just a chance to see what it would look like to have either (or both) of you in the new uniforms… Imagine a 3-4-5 of Pujols-Bautista-Fielder?  Exactly, you can’t, it’s too good to ever happen.  Both of you look fantastic in the new duds, but to be fair nobody could look bad in this set, well except for Otis Nixon.

The Seattle Mariners

Prince Fielder Seattle Mariners

At the moment the Mariners appear to be only chasing you Prince, but the uniforms aren’t anything special – plus they’re bringing back an all-teal uniform (which I love, but not on Prince… that’s just way too much teal).  This would be a lateral move uniform-wise from Milwaukee, I’d suggest you stay in Milwaukee if the only other option is to take your talents to the Pacific Northwest.

In conclusion, I gotta say Albert, honestly you look the best in your familiar Cardinals outfit – stay put. Prince, you look pretty snappy in those Cubbies pinstripes.  If you can’t come to Toronto, do it up in the Windy City, just stay the hell out of New York.

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Uniform “Photoshopping” courtesy Chris Creamer, baseball card template courtesy Andrew Meyer.