We tried this out yesterday with some good results, and since I have no problem going back to the same well, I thought I’d once again mine the well informed readers of Getting Blanked for some good old fashioned nuggets of amalgamated opinion.

During the press conference introducing Jose Reyes as the new shortstop of the Miami Marlins, team president Larry Beinfest made the claim that with Hanley Ramirez transitioned to third base the team had the best left side of the infield in baseball. It’s surprisingly not as outlandish of a comment as most things said in a press conference.

However, I suppose a case could be made for the Rangers left side of Adrian Beltre at third base and Elvis Andrus at shortstop. In fact, if we compare total fWAR over the last three years, the Rangers come out ahead of the Marlins new partnership 25.5 to 23.1. Of course, there are some factors that play into this slight advantage, not the least of which is the injuries that have plagued Reyes and the fact that Ramirez will be playing third base now, not shortstop.

And so I turn it over to you: Which team has the best left side of the infield?

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  1. I’d probably take Beltre/Andrus.

    If you think about it, Escobar/Lawrie have a chance to be in that conversation in the near future. And while Lawrie bucks the trend of Latino’s only in this discussion, he certainly is “fiery”.

  2. What about the most expensive left side of the infield? Jeter/Arod?

  3. Hanley/Jose is probably the best if games only go 7 innings or each inning is 3 Ks long (sorry, don’t see drive from either-Reyes’s last game???) I’m no fan of Beltre, but I LOVE Andrus-effortless plays & brings energy.
    Then again, I’m Texan so I have to be biased ;)

  4. Angel Sanchez and Jimmy Paredes.

  5. Whatever Baltimore Orioles have. But seriously, Beltre/Andrus.

  6. Marlins. At least until Reyes breaks down.

  7. Easily Lawrie/Escobar :)

  8. Tejada / Uribe — The Giants got this locked down.

  9. Reyes + Hanley is better if the duo stays healthy and if Hanley stays at 3b…

  10. 2011 D Backs! So much heart!

  11. Best reaction at ~35 sec mark. Pretty hilarious.


    • Sorry I don’t know how to embed the video… Top comments pretty much nail the music selection.

  12. If it sticks, Hanley/Reyes > Beltre/Andrus

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