Mere hours after stating the Yankees were looming in the shadows at the Winter Meetings, unwilling to flex their fiduciary might, they embrace their well-heeled reality by winning the right to post Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima. Ken Rosenthal reports the Yankees now have 30 days to exclusively negotiate the right to sign the shortstop.

River Avenue Blues (via the NPB Tracker) notes that Nakajima is considered the second-best player in Japan, a high-contact hitter with 15 home run power and speed.

How he fits into the Yankees lineup is the biggest question. Is one of the best players in his league prepared to come to New York to play a utility role? Is he now an Alex Rodriguez caddy? Is Jeter the Designated Hitter of the future? Between the two of them, there is nearly a full season of at bats for Nakajima to scoop up, if he doesn’t mind a best case scenario in which he watches two players in their late thirties play 150 games each.

The posting fee is reportedly small (Jon Heyman reports a mere $2 million) and Nakajima had a reported desire to play on the West Coast. The Yankees surely knew what they were getting into when posting for him and are surely willing to eat the difference.

It’s the Yankees. They’ll make it work. Even if it means investing tens of millions of dollars to sit on their bench. It’s kind of their thing.