What kind of world do you want to live in? Do you want to live in an upside-down world in which the Marlins are big time players on the free agency market while the Yankees sit on the sidelines, nibbling away on the Gio Gonzalezes of the world?

If so, welcome to the new orthodoxy! The Yankees are eerily silent during this year’s Gathering of the Pudgalos in Dallas. Too quiet. It is actually quite unnerving.

It isn’t as though the Yankees are invisible this year, just carefully picking through the available left-handed arms out there and weighing their options. Do they splash cash for veteran Hiroki Kuroda? Not a bad idea but Yanks GM Brian Cashman worries about his escalating price tag as the market for pitchers remains slim.

Might the Bronx Bombers go out and set the market, signing top free agent C.J. Wilson or dependable innings-eater Mark Buherle? It seems as though they are not willing to spend premium bucks for not-quite top arms that might not be up for life in the A.L. East.

Trades? The Yankees show great interest in A’s lefty Gio Gonzalez, much like every other team in the league. Reported demands from Billy Beane and the A’s include top catching prospect Jesus Montero and one of their other best young players, with John Harper of the New York Daily News implying names like Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, and top center-field prospect Mason Williams are on the Athletics radar.

Who are these imposters in pinstripes? These are not the Yankees I’ve grown to know and loathe? Take this quote, attributed to Brian Cashman himself, via the New York Times Bats blog:

“I don’t have significant money to be playing like that on the free-agent market,” Cashman said in general terms, not referring to a specific player….There are things I could do,” he told reporters, “but if I told you what it would take to do them, you would write tomorrow I shouldn’t do them.”

C’Mon, Cash. Be real. You’re the general manager of the YANKEES! There is no price too high to pay! There is no prospect worth conserving! YOU HAVEN’T WON THE WORLD SERIES IN TWO YEARS, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Truthfully, a measured and reserved Yankees front office is a bad thing for every other team in baseball. Sitting back and waiting for the right opportunity to flex their financial might, rather than the first chance? Dangerous. Very dangerous.

Remember this is a team that finished with baseball’s second best record last year without the benefit of more than two reliable starters. They are a year older but lose only Jorge Posada and Andruw Jones to free agency. They are stacked. They are the Yankees. Whichever move they make, whenever it comes, it will only solidify their status as baseball’s Evil Empire, the team you love to hate.

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  1. “It seems as though they are not willing to spend premium bucks for not quite top arms that might not but up for life in the A.L. East.”

    Maybe I’m drunk, but this doesn’t really make sense to me.

  2. It may have a typo, try this…

    “It seems as though they are not willing to spend premium bucks for not quite top arms that might not BE up for life in the A.L. East.”

  3. It’s better, but the wording is still awkward. I still say I’m drunk.

  4. the picture is fantastic though

  5. “Gathering of the Pudgalos” made me LOL.

  6. Jeff Blair was on the fan on Monday saying the yanks and boston were not going to be big spenders for free agents because they are extremely nervous about the luxury tax and the 40% penalty for going above the ceiling. I am much happier to see the tier 2 clubs spending on players instead of the traditional big spenders.

    I think AA has done an incredible job and cannot be criticized for the implimentation of his strategy and I understand Toronto’s rationale to find value in their signings. However, I do find it a little disheartening that they do not appear to reinvest their savings back into the team so far. Isn’t it estimated that they saved about $100 million on the JB contract, got a very friendly contract with Escobar, and a huge savings on Santos? Hopefully they want to get their closer and 2nd base dealt with so they can committ funds to pitching and possibly 1st base. Other than McDade, and we will see how he turns out, I don’t think they are all that deep at 1st with a true power hitter.

  7. @smelltheglove, Just because they arn’t reinvesting that money saved in the free agent market, doesn’t mean Rogers is pocketing that savings.

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