Anatomy of a Hater

This is a screengrab from Albert Pujols’s personal facebook page. The comment above are not unusual. They are also not acceptable in a just or fair society. Which brings us to my new mission in life – embarrassing “people” who think this type of behaviour is okay as much as I can. They spew their sickening hatred all over the world, it is our duty to let them know it don’t fly.

Let us use the collective might of the internet to expose them as the hateful sacks of filth they really are. It is the way of a democratic society. Let their own words hang them.

Friends, I’d like you to meet Bobby Wilson, Albert Pujols hater.

Bobby Wilson has many interests, I am sure. He is clearly a big Cards fan so we can understand his disappointment with the two World Series titles in the last five years. Bobby isn’t happy that Albert left so he wishes Albert to die.

Bobby Wilson is a suave dude. You don’t get that way overnight. Nope, you need to workout, as Bobby insists he does right below the employment section of his facebook page. Bobby keeps it real down at the Dominoes Pizza, I wish I could have made up. Assistant Manager, eff you very much!

Chief among Bobby’s other, non-Cards interest? Women. It says so right there on his facebook page!

You might be surprised to learn Bobby is a man of action. He isn’t into none of your books or reading or whatever. His favorite book? “Who reads.” Boom roasted. How does this impact Bobby’s outlook on life?

Take us home, Bobby.

Don’t be afraid to friend the crap out of Bobby on Facebook and tell him how awesome you think he is.

Update: I closed the comments because they stopped being fun/funny. Thanks for your invaluable contribution, Bobby!