I’m not sure when it became acceptable to not only provoke your child to tears, but also simultaneously film it and release it to the public, but hey . . . best fans in the world.

Our video response is after the jump:

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  1. That first video makes me want to go home right now and hug my son. And then go find that guy and take his away somehow.

    Loved the GB response.

  2. So dead mom is less sad than Pujols?

  3. dead mom might have taken it a little far, but its the internet!

    • Given the lengths to which the original cameraman was willing to go to capture his child’s torment, I thought the “dead mom” throw-in at the end was just perfect.

  4. Well played, fellas. Well played. It’s awful enough to be a jerk to any old person, but to behave that way to your own son in order to get attention on the internet? It’s a line that tends to get thrown around on the internet a lot, but this is a person who truly should not have been allowed to reproduce.

  5. This reminds me of the You Tube video of the kid who went to the dentist and got high. His dad is filming the kid tripping balls in the back seat. Now that I’ve talked about it, here’s a link…


  6. The douche dad just took it private! LOL

  7. please please please tell me someone captured this before the guy took it down, i was busy at work today and missed it.. stupid work.

  8. Drew trying to not bust out laughing through that was gold! The mom bit sealed it. Short film of the year!

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