On a day when competition in the American League got a smidgen more intense with the arrival of the best player in baseball in the AL West, the Baltimore Orioles were not without some roster restocking of their own.

I’m sure it took the entirety of the Winter Meetings for Orioles GM Dan Duquette and Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to come to terms on a trade that sent left hander Dana Eveland to Baltimore in exchange for pitcher Jarret Martin and outfielder Tyler Henson.

Let’s think about this for a minute.

The Baltimore Orioles didn’t sign Eveland to a Minor League contract. They traded to acquire him. They traded two players to acquire a replacement level player. Two players. Dana Eveland. Two players. The most attainable commodity in all of baseball required the Orioles to trade two players to acquire.

The Duquette tenureship is off to a rousing start.

Aside: When Dana Eveland was pitching in Toronto, I noticed the erratic facial contortions he’d make during his delivery. I thought I might just be seeing something or imagining something frequent that only happened occasionally. Then I began looking for a picture of Dana Eveland. And so, through the Getty Images Archives, it gives me great pleasure to present to you:

The Many Constipated Faces Of Dana Eveland

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  1. Does this save them money? I remember Eveland as a Jay, great spring training numbers that made it impossible not to put him in the rotation then he was awful*, glad to see him back in the division not on the Jays though.

  2. Well, the Orioles already picked up Jo-Jo Reyes, Dana Eveland was the next logical step.

  3. the best part about this was that the orioles ‘leaked’ to the media that they were going to announce a trade.

  4. Nice post, Dustin. I like when you’re direct and witty. Your writing benefits when you don’t attempt to be the English language’s gift to baseball. We all admire Hitchens’s prose, but sometimes your style-mimicry ends up sounding like the Federalist Papers if they were written by a collegiate freshman with a run-on sentence problem.
    Anyway, keep up the glib, easy writing.

  5. Let’s hear more on the prospects given up. I imagine they aren’t great ones or we would have heard about it in the bash article.

  6. Gregg, Accardo, Reyes, Eveland all Jays castoffs Chris Davis and Mark Reynolds start every game with a K in their lineup position before the first pitch is thrown. I have trouble believing that the Orioles are a real team, not the topic of a Spinal Tap-like mockumentary about baseball.

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