Innuendo goes here.

Yesterday we looked into Twitter to find some subhumans saying awful things about Jose Reyes. They claim to be Mets fans but, really, they’re just swine.

Can we throw our net wide enough to catch some of the worst of the worst? Hopefully not. Let’s see what we can dig up from the dregs of society.

Comments (10)

  1. More “trader” comments. Good god, Americans have no idea how to spell.

  2. Drew, did you find any people that spelled traitor properly? This onslaught of”trader” makes me cringe.

  3. In fairness, I know at least one person on that list of yours who was mocking Cardinals fans.

  4. FWIW, half the “trader” people are using it ironically, a comment on all the people who DID use it seriously w/r/t Jose Reyes: Tripping Olney, obviously, and my Twitter friend and fellow Twins fan bennyc50.

  5. The award for most grammatical errors per character goes to….
    “Your a trader Pujols”, sent in by Collin Klingemann. Congratulations, Collin.

  6. “angles” is trending in the United States right now.

  7. If you want to really hate the world, search “Pujols gay” on Twitter. Hundreds of tweets, no exaggeration.

    My favourite so far:!/B_Withers04/status/144865599422611456

  8. Imagine how the Canadian baseball fan-base would have reacted had Bautista been signed to a one year arbitration deal, as Parkes argued for, become a FA, and signed with the Yankees for $150-200 million?

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