At first glance, the website is a nice piece of fun. In this day and age of Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags, online petitions are incredibly useless, but still a fun way to mock a movement or even address a real desire, but with a knowing wink.

However, as you read further through the paragraphs on the site’s main page, it becomes apparent that there is no one winking. This is a serious attempt to forage some sort of collective call to action among a fan base that will in turn cause a response from a professional baseball team.

And by the time you reach the form below the letter, the slight distaste in your mouth turns into the vilest of senses.

Really? You’re going to threaten to boycott the services of a national telecommunications firm, not because of a poor labour situation or because their terrible customer service or even because the horrible content they spew forth through multi-platformed sports station, but because their baseball team, whose transactions you’ve presumably praised since Alex Anthopoulos became GM, isn’t signing a baseball player that you, in your infinite wisdom and better informed opinion than said GM, want a baseball player to be signed.

Shameful. It’s enough to write a run on sentence about.

You’re the reason no one takes the whole Occupy Movement seriously.

For more thoughts on the Toronto Blue Jays’ payroll parameters, please click here.

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  1. We should one-up them and create a google+ circle of people that hate online petitions!

  2. My only real requirement is that Fielder be signed to a short or medium term deal. To me, a 4 or 5 year deal with club options and performance incentives will work best. I’m thinking a $100m/4yr deal or a $115m/5yr deal will be great for the team.

    After all, Fielder’s production is expected to sharply decline once after age 33 (5 years later).

    • Brian WTF are you even talking about?! Not only are you crying for Rogers to sign Prince but to your terms also, hell maybe we can just sign him for next year.. you know.. see how it goes and we’ll discuss an extension if he performs well after that! idiot.

      in the ALE he’d play a bit of DH and the ware and tear would be minimal, he’d age gracefully in the American league east just like big pappi

  3. In light of what pujols just got from the angels, any hopes for fielder have got to be gone.

    • As a proponent of them signing Fielder, I’d have to agree. If you could get him for 7 years at a front loaded average of 20-22 per year, then I was thinking it would be worth the gamble. But it’s likely to be more than that, and just not worth it.

      In AA we trust.

  4. The crazy thing is they have 753 “people” who have signed up already.

    Riddle me this … if the Blue Jays do sign Fielder but are out of contention next year, will they really stick to their word that they’ll go to X number more games because the Blue Jays signed Prince Fielder? I highly doubt it.

    • No they don’t. There are a HUGE number of fake names on there.

      I love how you can’t just sign the petition while choosing a number of cancelled services = 0.

      Let’s be optimistic and say they get 1000 legit signatures that are actually willing to go through with it.. Assume they lose $1000/year from each… That would make about 1/25th of Prince Fielders salary in revenue (not even net revenue) per year. Quick write up that business case, the Rogers folks are sure to bow to your demands now!

    • Its not just at next year, its as a whole what Prince offers but it would be hard to argue that the Jays would no less be in the race over the summer and into september vs’s the alternative out of the race by may. While nothing is absolute the above is as close to certainty as anybody can say for certain!

      Waiting to develop a middle of the order bat (there are NONE in the Jays system) only insures that Jose’s perennial MVP years are wasted!! See Delgado, see Doc for recent examples of this!!!

  5. Is the petition sponsored by Bell?

  6. These are likely to be the same people that will bitch in years 4-7 of the deal that he’s overpaid, signed for two long, and his contract is crippling the franchise.

  7. I wonder how many joke names have been added already?

    • Here’s a few select gag names:

      Alex Anthopoulos (twice)
      Roberto Alomar
      Prince Fielder
      Let Alex Do His Job
      Gord Ash
      Walker Texas Ranger
      Adam Lind
      Buster Olney

  8. A simple no would have been fine

  9. i love this. already cancelled cable.

  10. It’s all bluster and no bite. When (if?) they don’t sign Fielder, 99% of these people are too lazy to follow through.

    Reminds me of this:

  11. Welp, I know what I’m doing today!

    I’d like a Prince Fielder signing at the right money. Looks like Max Power wants it more!

  12. I don’t see what this has to do with the Occupy Movement? Please enlighten me Dustin…

  13. As much as it would be nice to see Fielder in a Jays uniform, I trust the opinions of AA and his player evaluation staff over the opinions of a bunch of fans on the internet. What this petition does, effectively, is to demand that the team ignore the information provided by one of the top scouting staffs in the league, and instead act on the opinions of a collective voice from fans who, as a whole, are significantly less informed than the worst run organization in the league.

    Is Fielder closer to the 160-ish OPS+ of 2009 and 2011, or the 130-ish OPS+ of 2008 and 2010? Or somewhere in between? How significant is his body weight likely to impact him? What players are likely to become available in trades in the near future, and at what cost? Most fans can’t begin to answer those questions (and many of those signing the petition probably haven’t even considered them).

    As exciting as it may be to have Fielder on the team, I don’t want a team run by a democracy of mostly uninformed fans.

  14. Really wish the Fielder stuff would cut-out already, he’s a 4-5 WAR baseman at best now, if people want Rogers to blow their load on the FA market they should look ahead to 2013 when both Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels will be eligible. Those are players that can actually help boost us to the playoffs.

  15. and if you don’t sign Fielder, I’ll bang your daughter….

  16. I remember when the Montreal media told Habs fans to stop buying Molson beer because the team sucked. The Molson’s sold the team shortly after.

  17. I take this about as seriously as Rick Mercer getting over a million people signing a petition for Stockwell Day to change his name to Doris. It’ll probably work just as well too.

  18. The petition’s creator, @Kennedy76ca said himself that he pisses Excellence. Who are you to judge otherwise, Dustin? :P

    The stupidest thing about this petition (or at least, add it to the list) is that, even if AA really pushes for Fielder, it doesn’t guarantee that Fielder would even want to come here.

  19. “You’re going to threaten to boycott the services of a national telecommunications firm, not because of a poor labour situation or because their terrible customer service or even because the horrible content they spew forth.”

    Dustin, please tell me what our alternatives our. Telus? Bell? Shaw? Do you realize that they are all terrible at customer service. Last time I checked, Canada was a regulated market with no incentive for competitiveness.

    Also, I got a chuckle out of the “horrible content” section. Sportsnet and TSN. Where else do we turn? Don’t tell me The Score, since the only talent it had left JUST went to Rogers. But who am I to rip on Horse Racing as riveting content.

    The Score used to be up at the top of many’s lists, but their digital movement pumping out “horrible content” like this is an indication of how bad times are for this network.

    • A guy comments on a blog for The Score lambasting it’s content. Phenomenal bit of logic, there. If you’re looking at and commenting on content you don’t like, you’re not really helping your case.

      • I was merely using his own argument against him.

        If he is going to call what Rogers and TSN put out as “horrible content”, he has to prove that his is better. It’s not a matter of if the content is garbage or not, but rather “you should not cast a stone if you live in a glass house”

        He made me chuckle, and Sid and TIm’s departure to Rogers made it much more humorous.

  20. What gets me is the fact that Jays brass always envisioned 2012 as the year to compete and estimated payroll to be upwards of 120 million to do so, and here you have the perfect storm so to speak of bringing in a player at a position of need at a time when Jose’s bat is near peak, and you suddenly announce to the public a few days ago that payroll will only increase with an increase in attendance. What?

    I also think that AA’s mastery will only last so long – at some point he’ll make more and bigger mistakes than he did with the Francisco trade last year, and without a proper payroll to compete in the AL East he’ll be left spinning around in this clusterf*** of a vicious circle with nothing to show for it but 4th place finishes in the division.

    oh yeah, and what does the Occupy movement have to do with any of this?

  21. Call me useless, but shouldn’t they be petitioning Fielder?

  22. From Oakland to Toronto: General Strike!

  23. Best name I’ve seen: Unknown

    247 MLSE STOP BEING CHEAP and stop making a disgrace out of toronto teams

  24. Also Gordon Bombay, Billie Jean (Is Not My Lover), and DumbestFuckin PetitionEver (location: #nofieldertojays)

  25. this guy needed to write something today, the score was about to fire him

  26. Wether you agree with it or not. If he has spent any money on the blue jays over the years he has the right to do whatever the fuck he wants.

    Your mediocre writing, and 12 year old boy looks is shameful.
    Having read your work, and helping in contributing to your bank account. I can state my opinion, just like he can.

    So can you, but shameful really, for caring to much about the bluejays.
    He’s the guy they want in those empty seats.

  27. Garbage like this is why I’ve started tuning out the Score. Why would anyone take issue with Rogers spending money on a team in a league with NO SALARY CAP! Rogers- for those if you unaware- is one of the richest owners in baseball (with business profits of 9 billion over the past two years) yet they act as if they’re near bankruptcy and treat Toronto like a small-market. They more then have the financial ability to sign Fielder, and with no real stud first basemen in the minors or majors, the time more than ever is now to make a move, shore up a hole in our line-up without giving up the farm to get it, and try to make a push for one of the new wild card spots expected to open up soon.

    Those of you, including the author, suggesting Rogers’ stay away from Fielder are acting like he’s some flash-in-the-pan, one-year wonder. He’s not. He’s finished in the top 5 for NL MVP voting for the past 3 years, and he’s been highly-touted since highschool. So what if he’s fat? He hits. Big deal if in 4 years he’s not worth his contract, so what? Are you paying him? No. And for those of you with a short memory, it was less than a year ago that AA rid himself of a fat ass albatross of a contract known as Vernon Wells. Easily one of the worst contracts in sports, if not the worst.

    I honestly think the majority of people taking issue with Prince landing in Toronto are Rogers employees, Rogers employee hopefuls, or plain-ol’ drunk off their ass.

    I’d love to see the author justify WHY he thinks its a bad move for the Jays to sign Fielder, rather than mock the efforts made by a fan base that hasn’t experienced true baseball excitement in over 20 years. This is an absolute joke of an article. The only good thing about the Score thesedays is NCAA Basketball.

  28. Give your head a shake. This is a sad piece of journalism, if I have ever seen one.

    The Jays front office has repeatedly told us that when the time comes, we will spend the money. Let’s dissect the time right here and now:

    - We have one of the best players in baseball at a cheap rate
    - We have a couple of good bats, and two kids about to break out
    - We have a huge hole at 1B, with no prospects in the minors to cover the hole
    - Our best player has begged for a year to have a threat behind him so he could utilize his talent

    and the biggest factor of all? A 27 year old STAR is on the market, in a year where the Yankees/Sox/Phillies are not spending, and he actually prefers to be in TORONTO!

    Next time you stick your nose up at fans trying to be heard in this city, remember that you make a living of off them. Your condescending tone does not make you a bigger man. But then again, UFC is in town so I understand your need to puff out your chest.

  29. Parkes is the only guy on this planet who thinks it’s cool to wear a BASEBALL JERSEY over top of a DRESS SHIRT.

  30. What cable company owns the channel the Jays play on?

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