At first glance, the website is a nice piece of fun. In this day and age of Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags, online petitions are incredibly useless, but still a fun way to mock a movement or even address a real desire, but with a knowing wink.

However, as you read further through the paragraphs on the site’s main page, it becomes apparent that there is no one winking. This is a serious attempt to forage some sort of collective call to action among a fan base that will in turn cause a response from a professional baseball team.

And by the time you reach the form below the letter, the slight distaste in your mouth turns into the vilest of senses.

Really? You’re going to threaten to boycott the services of a national telecommunications firm, not because of a poor labour situation or because their terrible customer service or even because the horrible content they spew forth through multi-platformed sports station, but because their baseball team, whose transactions you’ve presumably praised since Alex Anthopoulos became GM, isn’t signing a baseball player that you, in your infinite wisdom and better informed opinion than said GM, want a baseball player to be signed.

Shameful. It’s enough to write a run on sentence about.

You’re the reason no one takes the whole Occupy Movement seriously.

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