In fairness, watching any pitcher’s collection of best strikeout pitches is likely to inspire ooohs and aaaahs, but this video of Yu Darvish striking out the entire Japanese population gives us a taste of what all the buzz is about.

As I mentioned in today’s links, the young Japanese right hander announced last night that he will be posted today by the Nippon-Ham Fighters. MLB Trade Rumors suggests that the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays will be the favourites to win the silent auction. I’ve written about Darvish at length, here.

Just a reminder: The posting period will last four days, and the winning team will have a 30 day exclusive negotation window.

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  1. Wow—-that guy has the goods—-

    I really don’t think they can pass up the opportunity, especially if the Yankees will make a bid on him

  2. The man can pitch, no doubt about that. Anyone else notice the Japanese catchers after a strike out to a right-handed batter? Instead of throwing to 3rd, it appears they throw to 1st?? Never seen that before.

  3. Looks a bit like Doc out there. Not as much movement on the fastball though. FB ranged from 90-94 mostly. Slider in the low 80′s. Curve and chang-up.

  4. Nasty stuff for sure. That video made my arm sore. Prince is no longer an option in light of the PooHole signing. If we want to spend money it’s Yu. If not, we wait. I’ll be happy either way. It’s only money and it’s not mine. Like you guys are always saying – in AA I trust.

  5. Its a highlight reel.. but shiyit that man can throw. Dirty, dirty movement on his offspeed stuff.

  6. Pretty 85mph change

  7. I don’t know anything about pitcher scouting but can someone explain to me how paying for this kind of player, whose never pitched against MLB players, is a safer bet then a FA? I’m mostly against big FA signings but this kind of a deal seems like paying a massive signing bonus to a NFL first-rounder. Sure he was great in college (or in this case Japan), but will he be great up hear in the bigs? Seems a risky use of cash, which doesn’t fit AA’s style.

  8. Dustin,

    I think we need some sort of a poll on what the Jays should bid on a posting fee. This will prevent a whole lot of second guessing after the fact.

  9. 60m posting fee – outside of that i dont care who you are! On a serious level he would look good in our new uni’s! i would rather have prince though with so much coming through the pipeline…

  10. started really paying attention the km/h about half way through. and converted the #’s. His fastballs were mostly 91-93mph, but could bet up to 96mph. His curveballs were pretty consistently around 80mph. and im not intellectual enough to pick up any of the other pitches consistently lol. But his curveball accuracy looks devastating, it kinda looks like AJ Burnett, but with a much more accurate & more slurvy like curveball (rather then a 12-6 drop)

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