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Well that was a week, wasn’t it? The Winter Meetings are now over and their aftermath is represents a great shift in baseball’s power balance. The Angels and Marlins are the new orthodoxy, act like you knew.

Many deals and signings remain in the offing but, for all intents and purposes, the off-season begins anew. Now we wait. Wait for Spring Training and for a Prince to sign and a whirling Darvish to post and the Yankees to lurch into action and the Blue Jays to make a move nobody sees coming. But wait we must.

If you want a sampling of today’s links, you must wait for the jump…

The definition of a minor deal went down yesterday as the Cubs swapped Tyler Colvin for Ian Stewart. One man’s trash is another man’s recycled trash. [Chicago Tribune.]

The owners of Albert Pujol’s restaurant in St. Louis stationed a security guard near the Albert Pujols statue he erected in his own honor. [Big League Stew]

Details leaked of James Loney’s DUI arrest in mid-Novemeber. He drives a Masarati! His blood level, unlike his Wins Above Replacement, was well above the acceptable legal limit. [L.A. Times]

The full results of the Rule Five draft. I dare you stay awakzzzzzzzzz [MLBTR]

The Tigers are making a real push for Gio Gonzalez? Good. More Niese for the rest of us. [A's Drumbeat]

Angels superfan Rich Lederer breaks down the Halos new look. Scary stuff, Mariners fans. [Baseball Analysts]

Whither Carlos Beltran? (Get on it, Cardinals) [Fangraphs]

Kelly Johnson will accept arbitration but will NOT accept a position change. Kelly Johnson makes curious decisions. [DJF]

Consider Bobby Wilson’s day made. [Facebook, y'all]