Hot on the heels of signing the most lucrative contract in baseball history, Albert Pujols took out a full page ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to thank all the senior citizens and keen-eyed birds who read the local rag that he, Albert Pujols, is very appreciative of all their love and support.

No matter how well-crafted these letters might be, I’m officially immune to their charms. Had Albert not taken out the adspace in the one-paper town, we’d be subject to an avalanche of columns/facebook comments/hatehoots decrying the superstar for ignoring the loyal denizens of Cardinals Nation.

Flags fly forever. The two World Series titles the second-best player in franchise history provided do a lot more to warm the collective hearts than a marketing firm’s best efforts on a Thursday afternoon.

Full letter below the jump.

Via Derrick Goold on the twitters.