Hot on the heels of signing the most lucrative contract in baseball history, Albert Pujols took out a full page ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to thank all the senior citizens and keen-eyed birds who read the local rag that he, Albert Pujols, is very appreciative of all their love and support.

No matter how well-crafted these letters might be, I’m officially immune to their charms. Had Albert not taken out the adspace in the one-paper town, we’d be subject to an avalanche of columns/facebook comments/hatehoots decrying the superstar for ignoring the loyal denizens of Cardinals Nation.

Flags fly forever. The two World Series titles the second-best player in franchise history provided do a lot more to warm the collective hearts than a marketing firm’s best efforts on a Thursday afternoon.

Full letter below the jump.

Via Derrick Goold on the twitters.

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  1. Pff, what a trader.

  2. second best?
    who’s first?

  3. It stings for Cardinal fans right now, just like it stung in Seattle when Griffey forced his way out. But a decade later Griffey, at the end of his career, came back for a farewell tour and by then he could do no wrong. The same thing will happen to Pujols. By the time he finishes his career and goes into the HOF wearing a Cardinal hat the fans there will have come back around and will embrace him again.

    • I think the vast majority of Cards fans quickly made peace with Albert leaving and have nothing but fond feelings to lean on. Call me an optimist, but this is what I believe.

      • Most of the Cardinals fans I know (and living in middle America, I know quite a few) are pissed at Albert. Time will probably change that, but a lot of them just see a guy that chose money over his legacy.

  4. I can’t believe he though millions 221 through 254 were THAT important. Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s special to play for one team your whole career.

    • I can’t believe the Cardinals thought millions 221 through 254 were THAT important to allow the face of the franchise to walk. Or maybe I”m the only one who thinks it’s special to keep a generational player in the fold for his whole career.

      Works both ways, don’t it?

  5. Didn’t Halladay write a farewell letter to Toronto?

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