While the Dustin Parkes’ and Drew Fairservices of the world are off enjoying their weekend, I’ll be taking the reins and providing you with some content to hold you over until the big boys get back to their desks on Monday morning.  Now you can get your Getting Blanked fix seven days a week.  You’re welcome.

Yesterday, the corporate overlords of the Toronto Blue Jays made a rather significant purchase.  Teaming up with Bell, Rogers bought a 37.5% stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment for a whopping $660-million (or roughly twice as much as the Angels committed to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson).  Now the same corporations that own your ability to communicate with other human beings also own all of Toronto’s professional sports landscape.  This is probably a bad thing for Toronto sports fans, but that’s not the issue that caught my eye this morning.

No, what caught my eye was an article by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star who seems to think this will affect the Blue Jays by making them second-fiddle to the Maple Leafs, which is probably true. However, how this affects their ability to improve the team on the field remains unclear and likely unchanged.  Unfortunately, Mr. Griffin seems to think the deal is the chief reason that the Jays aren’t going harder after Prince Fielder and other big-name free agents.  He also thinks this may be the reason that the Jays traded for young, controllable strike-out machine Sergio Santos from the White Sox instead of pursuing “one of the more experienced closers on the market.”  The fact that spending money on a proven closer is almost always a gigantic waste of money, or that Santos is not only fully capable of handling late-game, high-leverage situations for the Jays, but will do so with one of the most team-friendly contracts in the league seems to be lost on the veteran Star reporter.

The purchase of MLSE only stands to increase the net worth of Rogers as a corporation. Even if they had to spend a large chunk of change to acquire the asset, MLSE is an extremely profitable enterprise and that money will be made back quickly.  Rogers wouldn’t have made the purchase if that weren’t the case.  I fail to see Griffin’s logic that the Blue Jays will somehow have to go back to their penny-pinching ways now that MLSE is in the picture, let alone his rather inane theory that it’s stopping the Blue Jays from going after the Prince Fielders and the Ryan Madsons of the world.

Anyone who’s been observing the Blue Jays under Alex Anthopoulos must by now be aware that spending huge money on big-name free agents when the team is still building toward contendership doesn’t really fit into the philosophy of this front office.  It likely has little to nothing to do with the fate of MLSE.

And the rest…

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