Get out and punch the vote in the face!

When Major League Baseball launched their GIBBY awards for Greatness in Baseball Yearly, I thought it was a great idea. Even though John Gibbons got a bum deal as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, he looked regal as all hell while wearing a royal blue windshirt with aplomb during his stint as bench coach in Kansas City.

Then I realized it was just a hacky knockoff of the annual ESPN hackfest that is the ESPY awards, complete with “edgy” categories sure to stimulate the mind.

They’re announcing these awards on Friday. Get excited. They even produced a video! You should watch it after that jump. Then read the corporate doublespeak that accompanied the official press release for this determined attempt to generate MLB Network content in December. It’s been a trying afternoon.

This year’s winners in the 19 GIBBY Award categories, including best Player, Starting Pitcher, Rookie, Closer, Defensive Player, Manager and Breakout Player – with no division of League affiliation – were determined through a comprehensive six-week (Oct. 29-Dec. 4) voting process that included media, front-office personnel, former MLB players and online fan balloting at

Additional GIBBY Award categories include the year’s top Play, Moment, Performance, Oddity, Walk-Off, Fan Moment and Postseason Moment, each delivered through’s “Must C” highlight vault. Videos and a complete list of categories and nominees for these honors can be found at