Yes. This video of Colby Rasmus talking about himself is exactly what I would’ve expected a video of Colby Rasmus talking about himself to be.

A mud bog handshake to John Lott for the link.

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  1. That was painful.

  2. Holy slow-motion Eeyore

  3. MLB markets itself perfectly.

  4. Somebody would die if I were forced to be around a guy like that 162 times a year at work…me or him.

  5. ‘Chilli-Daaawg’ – Perfect
    Chess – whaaaat?

  6. I didn’t expect chess to be one of his most used apps.

    It’s that triple double single, that SMOOTH HOME RUN I guess though.

    Colby fire burnin in the outfield

  7. The music in the background takes it to another level.

  8. Fluff……………………

    Let’s go back to talking about the Whirling Darvish.

  9. give the guy a break. i talked to him at the season ticket holder event and he’s a polite and good dude. he’s at least as personable as Parkes, and he is on TV!

  10. Seems like he’ll fit in really well in Toronto!

  11. He likes to play chess?

  12. If Rasmus can OPS .850 this season, I really couldn’t care less if you could fit his entire personality in a thimble… Besides, we already have Eric Thames keeping up the enthusiasm quotient for the Blue Jays.

  13. Good thing we have other more charismatic players on the team.

  14. Charisma does win championships. #proven

  15. That video was hilarious.

    The big Q going into next season is not whether or not the 2010 Rasmus will show up, it is whether or not Rasmus will pull an Alec Baldwin and get kicked off the team jet for refusing to stop playing “Words with friends”.

  16. Lawrie and Rasmus form a near perfect Yin – Yang balance in the field.

  17. Chili-dogs, pickup trucks, hunting and … chess? Love it.

  18. Kind of awesome his Dad quit to take him to the LLWS. Terrible idea at the time, but shit, it seems to have worked out at this point.

  19. He never mentioned who he played for and said Lohse was the best dressed guy he knew. I suspect this is an old video. PS – I think he was stoned for this interview.

  20. I was hoping he was going to say that the best present he ever received was “getting traded away from that fucktard LaRussa”.

  21. As a Colby Rasmus owner, the only good thing that came out of his 2011 season was the Colby Rasmus girl vid on Youtube.

    Burnin Fire the outfield…poor girl must be gutted he got traded.

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