For the second consecutive podcast, we basically talk about one thing and one thing only: Jeff Mathis.

Of course we poked around the Yu Darvish news and then Mr. Sam Miller of this very blog and other, better blogs joined us to talk the future of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Albert Pujols Industrial Complex.

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  1. Why does Geoff Baker hate Toronto Bloggers, you, Stoeten, Tao of stieb.
    I’d lock your doors, this guy is fucking crazy.

  2. The difference between PEDs and laser eye surgery is that PEDs are against the rules. It’s unfair to those who are actually following the rules. Sure they work hard but they give themselves an advantage.
    For example if you trade in the stock market along with some other guy. You lose your money. He makes a lot because he was engaging in insider trading. Sure, he could have gone through a lot of work to get those inside sources but it’s no defence. I’m pretty sure you guys are in the minority in defending the steroid cheaters.

    • Isn’t that exactly what Parkes said.

      • Unless I misheard Parkes he said there was no difference between laser eye surgery and PEDs, which is just wrong.

        • Drew said that and then Parkes said the difference was that it was against the rules.

          • What Jack says is the truth, Parkes pointed out that is against the rules after I (hastily) made a point about it not being a big deal.

            Yes, if it is against the rules they shouldn’t do it. But no, I can’t get all uppity about it. Sorry I’m not sorry.

      • Their basic argument was it doesn’t matter because the players who take PEDs are still working hard. That’s bullshit.

        I don’t care if they’re the hardest workers of the team. If they take PEDs they’re cheating. I have more sympathy for the guys in the so-called “steroid era” before PEDs were explicitly laid out as being against the rules than I do of those caught cheating today.

    • I do, however, take umbrage with your analogy, furcifer. I think a better analogy is two brokers.

      I am regular working guy who puts in his hours but can only research so much. I get tired and don’t retain as much information because I’m thinking about my bills and strange women’s underpants.

      The other guy takes pills that make him a better trader: he is able to stay awake to do copious research and he makes better decisions in the moment because decision-making is improved by some kind of mental acuity drug that keeps his mind pantie-free. He makes more money than I do because he puts his health at risk by running 19 hour days. Not fair but hardly on the same level as insider trader.

  3. I wouldn’t say were defending the steroid abusers. I think we are downplaying their contribution to success. Everybody seems to think the average joe could juice up and crank fastballs. Doesn’t work that way. You need the skill first. The roids just give you an edge. In a league where success and failure are only fractional points apart. The difference between a .300 hitter making millions and a fringe player hitting .240 scraping through the minors is only about 1 hit per week. 1 hit…roids can easily bridge that gap, but let’s not pretend that a shot in the ass will turn you into Jose Canseco 2.0.

    • @ J. Paquin for some reason I can’t reply directly so I agree that steroids aren’t going to turn me into Barry Bonds. That being said it’s unfair to that fringe player that the guy cheating is beating him out for a roster spot for being honest. Both have skill. One’s choosing to cheat and one isn’t and shouldn’t be rewarded for it.

      • I can’t understand the outrage. What do I care if baseball players want to take PEDs? The MLB is a business, it’s designed entirely to bring entertainment to the fans. If PEDs help the players do that and put a better product on the field, that’s more than fine with me.

  4. Cmon guys, the boner reference is obvious isnt.

    Yu give me a Bamboo Boner.

    Print up the shirts NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Here is a good Darvish piece with some tidbits from Bobby Valentine and Darvish’s father (Darvish story starts at 1:30 mark). In the story, Darvish says his goal is a shutout season, 0.00 ERA – Noice!!

  6. A true short story about you (Yu)

    I met my wife in Toronto on January 1, 1985, and quickly after, she developed a less than nominal interest in baseball… she confused me into thinking she had an interest as we courted.

    This week, I have spent a lot of time on Blue Jays stories and blogs… and because of my heightened anxiety level, my wife thinks I’m on some porn site,

    So I said…
    I’ve only been spending excessive time recently researching Yu dear, and guess what…

    I’m pretty excited about how Yu can be a part of where we can really go… you knows… as a team… I think maybe 5 years with Yu would be great!

    After that… well it depends on how much money Yu would want to keep going.

    What do you thing dear, does it make sense to You?

    Do you think that Yu would have interest in this kind of deal, I just love it!

    It’s actually keeping me up at night thinking about Yu…

    Do you have any better ideas on keeping Yu for longer than 5 years?

    Of course by Tuesday night at 5:00PM Yu may not be here anyway…

    Oh… you may not know the business and legal side of that possibility, sorry, long story…

    But you do know that I want Yu even if it doesn’t make business sense, because Yu can be easily exploited for $M’s with that pretty face and hot sexy appeal… I hope you know that…

    Is there any popcorn!


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