It’s a funny thing. We heard a lot of rumblings on Wednesday evening that the Hokkaido Fighters would accept the highest bid for the posting of their pitcher Yu Darvish right away. Then we heard that it would happen mid-morning on Thursday. And now we’re hearing that nothing will be official until the beginning of next week. Typical.

So, please keep that in mind when I tell you that the New York Post is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays have made the highest bid for the negotiating rights to Yu Darvish. And also keep in mind that prior to the New York Yankees winning the rights to hold talks with Hiroyuki Nakajima, most reports had him linked to the San Francisco Giants or the Boston Red Sox.

Nonetheless, George A. King reports:

Having made a posting bid above $40 million and possibly close to $50 million, the Blue Jays are the favorites to land the negotiating rights to Yu Darvish.

According to several sources with knowledge of the situation, the Blue Jays made the monster bid on orders from owner Rogers Communications.

Hmm. Maybe I’ve been somewhat naive all these years, but “on orders” from Rogers would seem to indicate a level of ownership involvement heretofore unseen.

I don’t really buy it. Because King goes on to suggest:

Add that estimated $40-50 million posting fee to the five-year, $75 million deal Darvish is supposedly going to seek and you have a $115 million to $125 million price tag for a hurler who has never thrown a pitch in the big leagues and has gotten fat against over-matched hitters in Japan who aren’t as good as those he’ll face here.

Those figures are rather difficult to swallow, especially given the amount of money that C.J. Wilson and Mark Buehrle signed for this off season, or how much it took to recently extend Jered Weaver. However, it should be noted that on the recent Baseball Prospectus podcast with Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks, the latter revealed that word among scouts is that the Blue Jays evaluated Darvish more highly than other teams, seeing him as a potential ace of their staff.

Adding to this type of speculation is the Toronto Sun’s Bob Elliott and Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News, who both report of the growing consensus among executives around the league that the Blue Jays had the high bid.

As the pros say:

Sooner or later, we’ll find out if we’ll have to wait and see.

Update: ESPN’s Jim Bowden, a leader of the we’ll find out right away club, is now saying that the Jays have won the bidding as well.