As the baseball world holds its collective breath until the high bidder in the Yu Darvish posting is revealed, let’s check up on Baseball America’s latest top ten prospect list for the Toronto Blue Jays, which was earlier released today.

I’m not going to steal any more of Baseball America’s thunder other than to write two things:

  1. Travis D’Arnaud is considered the number one prospect; and
  2. There’s no mention of Henderson Alvarez as part of the projected 2015 starting rotation.

While these rankings should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt, it’s worth noting that for all the praise dished out in the rankings to the young pitchers drafted in 2010, and an even younger one drafted in 2011, right hander Drew Hutchison is the only pitcher in the top ten not to be drafted in 2010 or 2011.

Now, we wouldn’t expect to see Alvarez ranked, after pitching ten more innings than the cut off for the list, but no metion at all in the write up or projected 2015 lineup for the impressive prospect who could realistically crack the rotation this Spring seems surprisingly shortsitghted.

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  1. Those projected future lineups never make much sense to me anyways. Like, Colby Rasmus is their projected 2015 LF even though he’ll be a free agent after 2014.

  2. The comment that jumped out at me was:

    “Best Power Hitter Travis d’Arnaud”

    I’ve either seriously under-valued d’Arnaud’s power or this organizations minor league system completely lacks anybody with even 25 home run abilities.

    • You stop that right now! It is about his strength, not other’s weaknesses!!!! But your rose-colored glasses on RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

      • I say trade em all for proven studs.

        • The biggest power hitters in the Jays’ system all have too many MLB at-bats to qualify. Thames, Arencibia, Snider and maybe Lawrie were the biggest power guys in the minor league system. I’d say that Marisnick or Knecht would be the main power threats now, not d’Arnaud.

          Totally agree with Parkes on Alvarez. You would think he would warrant a mention somewhere in the writeup or future lineup.

  3. 2 things about 2015: How easy or difficult is it to project Norris/Nicolino/Sanchez in the rotation when they’re still quite a way from the big leagues? The further away they are, is it not just easier to think of the upside? Is it realistic? Are they really better than Hutch & McGuire or are they just still hard to calculate?

    Also, it is really sweet to see plenty of familiar names on the 2015 roster (who also won’t be 36+). I think that is a tribute to how AA has been successful in securing young, controllable talent without breaking piggy banks. To note that there’s no one pencilled in only because we’re “saddled” with them.

  4. If Adam Lind is still starting at 1B in 2015 I’m going to be very disappointed in the lack of playoff appearances.

  5. Baseball America projects the 2015 lineups assuming there are no trades or FA acquisitions/departures. They can’t project three year’s worth of roster movement. Lind is simply more likely to be our top 1B in our organization vs. any other player currently in the organization.

    Also, i’ve found that the write-ups that accompany the free top-ten lists are very generic and broad; they likely save all their real analysis for behind the paywall.

  6. Why would Alvarez be in the rotation when the younger arms are ready in 2015?

    Alvarez is great, but if all the young guys are ready, he likely isn’t one of our top 5 starters.

    I don’t think excluding Alvarez from the 2015 rotation is a shot at him so much as it is a comment on the depth of pitching prospects the Jays have.

    Agreed that it’s sad was have to 1B thumpers to replace Lind in the next 3 years. Fielder anyone??

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