As the baseball world holds its collective breath until the high bidder in the Yu Darvish posting is revealed, let’s check up on Baseball America’s latest top ten prospect list for the Toronto Blue Jays, which was earlier released today.

I’m not going to steal any more of Baseball America’s thunder other than to write two things:

  1. Travis D’Arnaud is considered the number one prospect; and
  2. There’s no mention of Henderson Alvarez as part of the projected 2015 starting rotation.

While these rankings should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt, it’s worth noting that for all the praise dished out in the rankings to the young pitchers drafted in 2010, and an even younger one drafted in 2011, right hander Drew Hutchison is the only pitcher in the top ten not to be drafted in 2010 or 2011.

Now, we wouldn’t expect to see Alvarez ranked, after pitching ten more innings than the cut off for the list, but no metion at all in the write up or projected 2015 lineup for the impressive prospect who could realistically crack the rotation this Spring seems surprisingly shortsitghted.