Um, Buster? Did you not get the other, wholly unreliable and speculative memos? THIS BABY WENT TO BED LONG AGO.

Consider this a drop in the bucket. Expect this bucket to continue filling all afternoon. This won’t end well, for anyone.

Update: And another one.

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  1. Oh well, it was a good weekend of rosterbating at least.

  2. The more and more I think about it, it makes much more sense that the Rangers would’ve won the bid instead of the Blue Jays. Not that Toronto couldn’t use the help, but the Rangers have a hole burning in their pocket after letting C.J. Wilson walk.

    I’ll side with Buster on this one.

  3. C’mon Mariners, do something stupid and prove them all wrong!

  4. 1. Some guy tweets that he overheard Alex Anthopoulos say at a Christmas Party that “If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the Rangers”
    2. An AL executive reads this comment online
    3. After talking with this executive Buster Olney reports – “Most folks guessing/assuming Jays have won Darvish bidding. But just got off the phone with an AL exec who speculates smart money is on Rangers.

  5. Fuck, I can’t wait for this shit to be over.

  6. For fucks sake! When was the last time random “folks” were wrong? never!

  7. I miss Yu like crazy.

  8. We hardly knew Yu.

  9. Will Rogers put its Jay ride together with Yu?

    (ahem … sorry)

  10. …just when I was getting in the Yu’letide spirit..

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