As everyone expected, the highest posting bid for Yu Darvish will be accepted by the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters tonight around 8:00 or 9:00 PM ET, according to the Japanese pitcher’s agent Don Nomura. Shortly after that, it’s expected that the team who won the exclusive 30 day negotiation window will be announced.

Shortly after the bidding deadline, rumours began circulating that the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays had delivered the highest bids. And then, over the weekend, Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger reported that the New York Yankees didn’t believe their bid to be the highest. Franz Lidz of Sports Illustrated suggests that that winning bid will be higher than the current posting record of $51.1 million, which the Boston Red Sox paid for Daisuke Matsuzaka in 2006.

From there, it will be interesting to see the terms of the contract that’s negotiated between Darvish and the winning club. Already, there have been suggestions that the 25 year old pitcher will be looking for a five year deal worth $75 million, similar to the contract that C.J. Wilson signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim earlier this month.

As we’ve mentioned before, because of all of the mysterious elements involved in the posting system, a fertile ground for rumours and baseless speculation is created. One person speculates. A club official reads about it. And then when the club official is asked to comment, he repeats the speculation, only this time it’s published as a Major League source.

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  1. “A club official reads about it. And then when the club official is asked to comment, he repeats the speculation, only this time it’s published as a Major League source.”

    Yes! This! Exactly this. It’s an amazing thing to watch the evolution of stories and tweets about things like this. I think there’s room for serious academic study of the phenomenon. (no seriously. This kind of broken telephone thing has always existed, but things like twitter make it so much easier to observe and have probably changed how it occurs too)

  2. It’s even better when Japanese media outlets report a rumour from a North American media outlet, convert the rumoured dollar bid into Yen before rounding the fee in Yen.

    The North American media then find the translated version of the Japanese article, miss the fact that the Japanese article is just reporting a rumour from North America, convert the rounded Yen value back into dollars and then round again to get a new bid value.

    Suddenly this new value, which wasn’t directly reported in North America previously because of the rounding becomes the new rumoured bid value in North America.

    If it wasn’t for some actual information being released shortly it wouldn’t be surprising to see this process turn into an infinite loop.

  3. Can we please get a countdown clock at the top of the site?

  4. I’d be surprised if he got CJ Wilson money.

    I’d say 6/$60m and 3/$45m at the poles, and anywhere in between.

  5. I’ll predict it takes, and he gets, 6 years, 90 million.

    From the Jays.

  6. Jays could break all of their rules on this one and go 6 years as suggested by Andrew,

  7. I wonder if he’ll make negotiating impossible so as to get a west coast team next year. Or just in protest to the posting system that he reportedly thinks is unfair.

    I’ll be very happily surprised if he ends up signing a contract with the Jays.

  8. I really hope the blue jays have won the bidding and they sign yu to a 6 year contract worth 70 million

  9. Texas Rangers win the rights to negotiate with Yu Darvosh. The biding price was 51.7million. Tough luck for blue Jays fan

  10. Darvish* typo on his last name

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