At this point, linking and/or directing people towards the work of Mr. Mike Fast of Baseball Prospectus is redundant. You, if you have a lick of sense, are reading it all on your own. To save you the embarrassment of admitting you haven’t already read his illuminating work on the value and impact of the hit and run.

Fast uses MLB gameday data to determine the situations in which runners take off and hitters swing away. I’d love to see Fast’s information overlayed on the Baseball Info Solutions ball-in-play data to determine how many successful hit and runs featured balls shooting through zones where an average fielder would normally make a play. Another study for another day for one of the very best analysts in the business.

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  1. I like hustle in baseball. I would rather see a player leg out an infield hit or steal third base than hit a solo blast. More excitement in my opinion. Chicks dig long balls. I dig scrappy baseball.

  2. Thanks for posting the article. I will admit that I do not go to baseball prospectus site on my own but after listening to this weeks getting blanked podcast and reading this article I think I will be going there more often.

    It was funny to see Gibons near the top and Gaston near the bottom of managers using the hit and run. Not that it matters too much now that most of the players on the Gibbons teams have moved on but I can’t imagine what the players must have thought with all of the changes in strategy between managers.

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