Be safe and be good to each other. Take a cab, it’s what Santa Dale Murphy would do!

Red Cap on his Head Tip to the Atlanta Magazine tumblr via Matt T, the most festive dude around.

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  1. Thanks Getting Blanked team!

    merry christmas!

  2. The “holiday” is called Christmas. It’s really disgusting why people think that is offensive.

    • Hope you have a great holiday season, Grouchy!

    • While normally I may agree with you, this year Channukah falls out Dec 20-28, so holidays is gramatically correct. Also, I believe Kwanzaa is a multiple day holiday always falling out Christmas time, so it’s always correct. It’s not a matter of being offensive. It’s a matter of wishing to as many people as possible.

      • Yeah, but no one is spending billions of dollars to buy Channukah toys and spending several hours to put up Kwanzaa trees. $ = win.

  3. For the real history of the festivals we hold at this time of year you might want to read this…. Christmas as a christian event is very much a johnny come lately to the scene…

    By all means have a great holiday… But don’t kid yourself this date has anything to do with the birth of Christ…


    This baseball game is fun isn’t it… Go jays :).

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