Feeding the Hand that Bites?

Keith Law is a man most Getting Blanked readers are very familiar with. Not only is he an extremely well-known baseball writer (with more than 350000 followers on Twitter) and the head of ESPN’s scouting department and co-host of their excellent (but not as good as ours!) Baseball Today podcast, he is also a good friend to the Getting Blanked and former Drunk Jays Fans podcasts.

We love Klaw for his level-headed and snarky takes on all things baseball. He writes about prospects and the draft for one of the biggest online publications so his voice, understandably, carries a lot of weight.

It seems Getting Blanked readers and people who like snooty food aren’t the only fans of Keith Law. Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi report (together, the collaborated on a 120 word piece) that Law recently interviewed for the vacant Director of Scouting position with the Houston Astros. Wow!

This pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter. If Law can help turn the moribund Astros around with his now well-honed baseball chops, good for them and their fans. Fans of Law’s writing and tweeting and general online persona will miss out on a big player in the industry.

If, and the Fox Sports duo only suggest Law interviewed for the job, he takes the position, it will be quite interesting to see how he transitions to this role. Will he receive increased scrutiny because of his media background? Will the Astros leverage his sizable twitter following as an untapped marketing resource? Law has three times as many followers as former Astros star Hunter Pence, for whatever that’s worth. As nice a luxury as having someone as influential as Law on your staff, the Astros are looking for someone to head up their scouting department and bring in talent, not massage their social media message.

Best of luck to Law as he investigates the next phase of his career and kudos to the Astros for considering an “outside the box” choice as their scouting director. Considering their lot in life, they need all the innovative thinking they can muster.

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  1. If Keith Law is knowledgeable enough to legitimately make a positive contribution to a franchise which clearly needs all the help it can get, that’s great. Good luck to him.

    But I have never enjoyed his writing or his attitude, so I wouldn’t miss his online presence. To me, Keith Law is annoying. I seem to be in the minority, but I’ve never understood what it is that certain baseball fans enjoy about bitter-sounding, snarky, know-it-all baseball stat geeks. Those kinds of people seem like they take more pleasure in being proven correct by baseball statistics than in actually sitting back and watching a ballgame.

  2. I would be devestated if he takes the job and we lose his voice in the baseball media. I can understand why he might want a bit of a career change, but man would that suck for everyone but him and Astros fans – there is some right??

  3. Great news for Klaw. There goes the best part of Baseball Today… Don’t think I will be able to listen to Mark Simon and Carabel all the time.

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