As the hours wind down on yet another year, it’s customary to take stock of the sights, sounds and emotions that were experienced over the last 365 days.  Not to mention, a recap like this is a cheap and dirty way to rack up some page views before the bosses reassess your blog’s budget for the coming season.

Oh, get over it, it’s not like there’s any noteworthy baseball news to write about anyway.  An interesting baseball story is harder to come by than a fair and balanced opinion on Hall of Fame voting right now.

While 2011 will most likely be remembered for one night in late September when three games on the last day of the season combined to produce startling results, that evening was truly only one of several individual stories that made us laugh, cringe, smile, throw stuff at the television and scrape our jaws off the floor.

Such is the nature of baseball, and here are a few examples of why we this past year was a great one for baseball and a great one for our little baseball blog.


Was Roberto Alomar A Terrible Fielder?: Step one in getting people to hate UZR is to show how badly the metric rates one of their golden calves.

Albatross Flies West: After a day of reflection, I provided my take on the Vernon Wells trade.


Mickey Mantle’s Yankee Stadium Nostalgia: This is a pretty good reason for liking Mickey Mantle more than you did a moment ago. The All-American Boy.

Top Eight All Time Worst Bleacher Report Baseball Posts Of All Time Ever In The World: Sadly, this isn’t in a slide show format. However, it does include a picture of a scantily clad woman.

Leftover MLB Valentine’s Day Cards: Microsoft Paint > all other image editing software.


The Top Ten Fantasy Baseball Team Names: There’s are few things better than dad jokes and baseball. Mixed together, they’re an unstoppable force. Keep an eye out for a new list coming out before the 2012 season begins.

Baseball Fame Audit – Roy Halladay: The Nana Index makes its very first appearance at Getting Blanked.


A Canadian Baseball Renaissance: Baseball is back in Toronto and the rest of the county, and you better get used to it.

Monkeys On Dogs Herding Mountain Goats At A Baseball Game: On this day, Getting Blanked won the internet.


Mike Stanton Is Mildly Terrifying: Photographic evidence of Mike Stanton’s gigantism at work.

Simile Sunday’s For Serious Edition: Bill Parker shares his thoughts on family and former Minnesota Twins great Harmon Killebrew.

Zach Greinke’s Strike Out Pitch: Part of what I love about our little corner of the internet is that the content we provide to our readership is just as likely to be a nerdy examination of Zach Greinke’s slider as it is a joke about Jose Canseco’s reading comprehension.


Geovanny Soto, Hero: The absolute best “get a load of this guy” moment of 2011.

The Problem With Sabermetrics: Taking issue with the moronic suggestions of Grantland.

Introducing Li’l Bautista: Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times. Yes.


Many Of Them Are Stars: Sam Miller’s Sunday Night Annotated Box Score weekly feature was a constant supplier of laughs all season long, but none more so than his piece for the All-Star Game. This was, by far, the most enjoyable thing to come out of this year’s edition of the Mid-Summer Classic.

The Nana Index Comes Alive: There’s really nothing like a friendly chat with your nana about baseball.

The Toronto Blue Jays Are Spending Money: Despite what Geoff Baker might have you believe, you can spend money on places other than your team’s payroll to improve your chances of success.

Rasmus In July: Hindsight suggests we might have been a little bit over excited about a certain trade deadline acquisition.


Just Your Typical Infield Triple: I can’t imagine this happening to my softball team, let alone a Major League Baseball club.

Don’t Call Up Brett Lawrie: As you might imagine, a very popular opinion in these parts gets expressed.

Rekindled In New Zealand: Travis Reitsma finds baseball halfway around the world.

On False Evidence: Toronto has its collective feathers ruffled by a mind-numbingly stupid article by ESPN writers.


Why Isn’t Adam Lind Better?: This is why I have a hard time believing that Adam Lind’s off season work load contributed to him breaking down later in the year.

Fredi Gonzalez Is The Prime Suspect In Murder Of Braves Bullpen: Rockies/Braves games should be looked at as though they’re a piece of performance art in managerial malfunctions.

Is This The Blue Jays’ New Logo: Andrew Stoeten handles the leak of the year.

Atlanta Braves and the Kübler-Ross Model: Bill Baer documents a night in the life of an Atlanta Braves fan base.


Have An Unpleasant Weekend: Chewing tobacco doesn’t make you look nearly as cool as you might have hoped it would make you appear.

A Quick Note On Chickens, Biscuits And Beer: An attempt at reason in the midst of some Boston Red Sox insanity.

Do We Really Need Player Quotes?: Questioning the journalistic stand by after Albert Pujols doesn’t take questions from the media following a World Series loss.

Cardinals Walk Off To Force Game Seven: The final game of the World Series was incredibly anticlimactic after the excitement of Game Six. You can relive it here, minus the copyrighted videos that have been removed.


The Toronto Blue Jays’ New Uniforms: If page views are at all telling, people seem to really like the Blue Jays brand new logo and uniforms.

There’s No Need To Spend Money On A Proven Closer: All together, say it with me, now.

Would The Blue Jays Benefit From Trading Jose Bautista?: Let’s all get over reactive together.

What’s In A Name?: A lot, when you’re called the London Rippers.


Shots Fired: Nickelback isn’t going to take insults from a middle reliever for the Atlanta Braves lying down.

Today In Shameful Things That Exist: Is there any thing worse than online petitions? You may think that there’s a hypothetical hyperbole attached to that question, but as far as things that don’t cause death go, I consider it up there.

Albert Pujols Is An Angel: You guys remember this, or what?

Gentleman Jeter: Beware if you ever find Derek Jeter autographed baseballs kicking around at your girlfriend’s place.

We’ll have some more fun stuff on the blog tomorrow, but I’d like to take this time to thank all of the Getting Blanked readers for a great year. I appreciate the privilege of writing about baseball for a living and I completely and wholly recognize that without you guys and your support, that simply wouldn’t be possible for me. Thanks so much for all of the clicks, comments and retweets. It’s all very much appreciated.

Happy New Year.