Happy Anniversary!

My dear friend and colleague Andrew Stoeten reminded us yesterday at DJF that our first foray into the blogosphere turned five years old over the holidays. That’s somewhat remarkable for a team blog about baseball in Canada that only originated because of other participants in a work email chain getting sick of all of our baseball talk.

Perhaps, the only thing more remarkable than the blog’s success is our transition from keyboard warrioring, homophobic misogynists into something that at least resembles functioning human beings.

Anyway, thanks a lot to all of you who’ve followed that development. And a special congratulations to Mr. Stoeten who has really taken the blog into another realm with his work this year.

Comments (7)

  1. I for one miss the lessons on how to pound kitty at the ballpark.

  2. Wait, you guys were THOSE douchebags? I think I have some repressed DJF memories from long ago that just came flooding back…

    Congrats (both on the anniversary and on belatedly joining society)!

  3. It takes two to tango.


  4. Who is the picture of?

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