Do you guys remember the off season before this when Blue Jays fans were thrilled on a daily basis with any hint of news that suggested Manny Ramirez would be signing a contract to play in Toronto? It seemed as though he was spotted in the city every weekend last winter.

Since then, Manny signed a contract to play in Tampa Bay, got busted a second time for using a banned substance, was suspended for 100 games, retired from baseball, tried and failed to play winter ball, cancelled his retirement, got his suspension reduced to 50 games, and now wants to play baseball in the Major Leagues again this coming season. He’s now 39 years old.

Last year, the contract he signed with the Rays was a one year deal, paying him $2 million. It’s incredibly unlikely he’d sign anything greater than a Minor League contract ahead of the 2012 season. In fact, interest in the career .411 OBP / .585 SLG / .417 wOBA batter is so┬áminuscule┬áthat the once great Ramirez has resorted to inviting scouts to watch him work out later this month.

Manny Ramirez has been reduced to the baseball equivalent of putting a profile up on Plenty Of Fish.

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  1. Heard this: Manny is in the best shape of his life.

  2. Manny Ramirez is still likely a better hitter than Lind, EE, Thames, and Snider. If the plan is to go cheap again, they might as well give him a shot.

    • Haven’t you learned anything this week? That would be terrible for clubhouse chemistry. :^)

      • Why would Manny create issues with clubhouse chemistry? Farrell loved the guy in Boston, as did most of the players outside of the Youk from what I’ve read. And since when has a player labelled a “clubhouse cancer” meant anything to AA or prevented such an acquisition? We owe several of our best players (Escobar, Lawrie, and even Bautista) to the fact that AA doesn’t just avoid and write off such players, he gives them chances to thrive in new environments.

        Manny has a career .312/.411/.585 line. It would be foolish to ignore that considering the team’s poor situation at 1B/DH.

  3. He should be in Vegas signing memorabilia with Jose.

  4. I bet AA sends somebody to go watch him. Doesn’t have to be somebody intelligent or important, but someone with eyes. 2 if possible. Why wouldn’t he? Say we low-ball a contract and land him anyway. If there are injuries etc in LF or at DH, we could bring him up for a few weeks. A good performance, could make him an interesting trade deadline.e throw-in for a contending team in need of a bat off the bench. Shit, Jim Thome signed for just that role and a lot more coin, didn’t he? I don’t see it happening but wouldn’t hate it either. He

  5. Not that it’s particularly relevant, but I met the girl of my dreams on Plenty of Fish…

  6. Terrell Owens sheds a single tear…

  7. what will his workout consist of:
    – hitting
    – lame fielding
    – high-fiving fans planted over the OF fence?

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