WBBM News Radio in Chicago is reporting that Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman this past September, and is currently wanted for questioning by Chicago Police. The police report is apparently heavily redacted, but here is what the station has gathered about the accusation:

A woman in her twenties was drinking with friends at a nightclub on September 29th when she met Castro. Her and a friend went back to Castro’s nearby apartment where she blacked out and came to with Castro sexually assaulting her. In response, she screamed and yelled at Castro, and left his apartment, getting a ride home from her friend.

It would be 12 hours before the alleged victim would go to a hospital, and police would become involved. By then, it is believed that Castro was on a plane, heading home to the Dominican Republic for the off-season.

Obviously, there will be more to write on this story as information becomes available. However, it does seem strange that Castro wouldn’t have already returned to Chicago to face the questioning from police.