Pictured clockwise from top left: The soon to be newest member of the Hall of Fame (confident bad ass with something else on his mind), a former President of the United States (confused) and the inventor of OPSBIs (happy to be there, or anywhere for that matter).

The most impressive thing about this picture isn’t that these three men were in one place at one time, but rather that they’re all managing to simultaneously look in different directions.

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  1. Ehn. Where’s Prince Fielder going?

    • I’m gonna have to say that while I’m not a journalist, and never pretend to be, I just got a hot bit of INSIDER information from SEVERAL well know reliable inside sources, who would risk their jobs to share said information with me and it is still not known how I know such influential people, that Prince Fielder has just signed a 13 year mega deal with the Detroit Tigers!!!

      (please note, the paragraph above was dripping with sarcasm. If you don’t get it, read the last 20 or so articles).

  2. jeopardy’s record books used to mean something, man.
    no sense of history.

  3. My mind cannot fully comprehend this picture. WTF are these three men doing together?

  4. Has anyone ever seen Jim Bowden and Jon Heyman in the same place at the same time? Even their names are suspiciously interchangeable.

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