How Jon Heyman Spends His Mornings

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman has made the online act of trolling into a very fine science.

I can almost see him, coffee percolating, bagel in the toaster, his computer on the marble top island in his kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a tweet purposely written to cause a reaction.

He pauses for a second while hovering over the “Tweet” button. It’s not because of a question of conscience. It’s because he wants to enjoy the following moments to the fullest. He wants to watch the uproar he causes among the blogger set that he loves to poke. He wants his toasted bagel and coffee mug to be in front of him as the ire comes down.

And then he sends his ultimately ephemeral message into the world, steps away from the computer, pours his coffee, butters his bagel and sits down in time to see the first of the many, many messages from irate followers in response to his tweet.

The smile of smug satisfaction comes across his face as he takes solace in the work of Le Provocateur being done.