This Bud Is For Two More Years

If a report from ESPN’s Buster Olney is to be believed, the most photogenic commissioner in sports, Bud Selig will be offered a two year extension to his contract by the owners of Major League Baseball this week.

I suppose it would be fun to get in an uproar over this, but in reality, Selig’s job is to make money for the owners of MLB teams. The fact that he’s done this, and done it very well, while still maintaining a previously unknown level of peace with a very strong players’ union, should count for something, even if from time to time, fans might feel slighted.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports further informs us of the likelihood of Selig accepting this offer, suggesting it’s a given because of his good health, the health of the sport, and his desire to “burnish” his legacy by stabilizing the current ownership situations in New York and Los Angeles.

Speaking of legacy, it can sometimes be difficult for a man to remain in the spotlight as he ages. This is due to the decline one’s appearance undergoes as the years pile up. Fortunately, this isn’t a worry for Selig, who has been scraping rock bottom (at least in the toupee department) for some time now.


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  1. Low blow in the last paragraph.

    I’m not a huge fan of Selig.. but the last paragraph is a bit unnecessary.

    • He’s welcome to compare our bank accounts or annual salary anytime he wants, if he feels at all slighted by my comments.

      • Yet it wouldn’t be OK for a rich person to write rude statements about a poor person. Nice double standard there.

        Anyway… you completely missed my point. I’m sure Bud Selig has better things to do than read a Canadian baseball blog and doesn’t give a shit what you write.

        But you should. And this is pretty classless.

    • And yet… true.

      • So what? That’s a classless cheap shot, and this blog used to be, and should continue to strive to be, above that.

  2. I woulda taken it as a compliment. I mean aside from his hair being slightly more messy and a touch more grey, the man has basically ceased to age.

  3. Lighten up guys. I found this post quite humorous, keep up the good work Parkes.

  4. Take it friggin easy you guys and get a sense of humor. It’s all in fun. Selig is an ugly dude.

  5. Bud Selig is the richest man alive who doesn’t own a sports coat that fits him properly. I mean, even warren buffet lives on the cheap, but still has clothes that fit.


  6. I like when things go wrong at a league event, (like a tied All-Star Game) and Selig and his bad haircut come out to answer difficult questions. His ‘I want to be anywhere but here’ expression is my favourite of anyone in a position of authority.

  7. Fun game: Look through those pictures again and try making the noises you think he is making at each point. Do it loudly, while at work, for added fun.

  8. I’ve got nothing against Bud. He is clearly the best commissioner of the big four North American sports. Goodell is ruining NFL, Bettman has ruined the NHL, and Stern is starting to sound a little crazy after the last lockout…

    • I’m just curious, why do think Goodell is “ruining” the NFL?

      • He isn’t. Only gripe anyone ever has against him is his office instituting new rules concerning head shots.
        He did handle the lockout poorly, but all’s well that ends well.

        • I think I’d Rank them:

          A Retarded Monkey

          • Does the term “No Fun League” ring any bells?

            How many NFL games have you watched where you didn’t get sick to your stomach watching a legal hit get flagged. I can’t recall one. Every game has a BS roughing call from a perfectly timed hit.

            No defense anymore…therefore, “ruining” the league.

    • The only thought that goes through my mind when I see roughing penalty is “These players just don’t get it”

      I love defensive football, so I will agree with you on that. The rules favor the offensive side of the ball, that much is clear. But hey that’s what the majority of people want to see. Football gets bigger and more popular every year. To you he is ruining what you like to see, but he is clearly not ruining the sport itself.

      • I’ll say 50/50 on this one. I’m not talking about the missile like shots with players heads. Those are stupid.

        I’m talking about the shoulder hits to the chest over the middle that get flagged…insanity. If a receiver smokes a defensive player in the chest, there would never be a penalty. Now anybody and their Grandmother goes over the middle. 10 years ago, Wes Welker would have never made it through the season with his head on his shoulders. Now? He’s able to rack up 125 catches a year up the middle because nobody can touch him until he has the ball, turns, and is prepared to accept a hit…

      • I knew J Paquin was going to cite the ‘illegal hits’… but I dont think he is aware of how many potential lawsuits the NFL is facing from former playoffs for concussion issues.

        • Agreed. There’s a ton of them, and they multiply like Rabbits. I still think that these guys should be aware of the implied risk. Its football, not kniting.

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