This Bud Is For Two More Years

If a report from ESPN’s Buster Olney is to be believed, the most photogenic commissioner in sports, Bud Selig will be offered a two year extension to his contract by the owners of Major League Baseball this week.

I suppose it would be fun to get in an uproar over this, but in reality, Selig’s job is to make money for the owners of MLB teams. The fact that he’s done this, and done it very well, while still maintaining a previously unknown level of peace with a very strong players’ union, should count for something, even if from time to time, fans might feel slighted.

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports further informs us of the likelihood of Selig accepting this offer, suggesting it’s a given because of his good health, the health of the sport, and his desire to “burnish” his legacy by stabilizing the current ownership situations in New York and Los Angeles.

Speaking of legacy, it can sometimes be difficult for a man to remain in the spotlight as he ages. This is due to the decline one’s appearance undergoes as the years pile up. Fortunately, this isn’t a worry for Selig, who has been scraping rock bottom (at least in the toupee department) for some time now.