The Blue Jays Winter Tour Rolls On

This picture comes to us from Montreal, the latest stop on the Blue Jays winter familiarization tour. While Brett Lawrie felt the need to emphasize the toughness of baseball players enduring minus thirteen degrees Celsius weather in short sleeves, I’m far more concerned with the impact Eric Thames’ off season surgery, which has seen his thighs transplanted into his shoulder sockets, might have in his pursuit of the starting left fielder’s gig.

Apparently, someone’s off season regime has included #BeastMode.

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  1. Romero looks like he’s thinking “why the hell am I in Canada in the winter?”

  2. Next to Thames, he looks emaciated.

    • Next to Thames, they all look emaciated. Where’s Drew and his freaky Mike Stanton photos for context when you need them?

  3. You gotta ask the question…

  4. Almost looks like lens distortion on Thames, but there can’t be that much.

    • It’s gotta be, otherwise with bicep is bigger than his head (or he has a really small head).

      • Thames looks like he is a lot closer to the camera than Romero.

        Also, Thames is listed as 6’1″, 205 while Romero is listed as 6’0″, 215.

        Still, he looks ripped. I hope he hasn’t hit the weight _too_ hard this winter. You still need to be able to swing a bat.

      • Just met Thames today and yes his arms are bigger than his head. There huge!

  5. you gotta at least ask the question. i can’t wait for the damien cox twitter battles.

    • Step into a gym and you’ll see plenty of guys his size.

      When he was asked what he would be if he wasn’t a Major Leaguer he replied that he would become a pro bodybuilder and get insanely jacked.

  6. Is Janssen standing on Jason Frasors shoulders?? He looks at least 8″ taller than I would have thought.

    • My thoughts exactly. I never saw him as a tall guy.

      • That’s what the high socks’ll do for ya. They definitely make Janssen look short.

      • I think Janssen and Aaron Cibia are about the same height. And both are about 2 inches taller than Ricky.
        The ground is probably just sloped a little.

        • According to the Jays’ website, Janssen is 6′ 3″. Romero and Lawrie are 6′ and the others are all 6′ 1″. I think you’re still right about the ground though, that picture makes the difference look more than a couple of inches.

  7. Can we talk about the stuffed rabbit for a second? Do you think he goes everywhere with that thing?

    • When you are that big…. you can carry a stuffed bunny wherever the fuck you want… I pity tha fool that tells him otherwise.

      • Apparently they’re visiting the Montreal Children’s Hospital, so Thames is in #heromode for some kid with that rabbit.

  8. Who’s the geek third from the left

  9. Thames makes his Jays jersey look like a muscle shirt. Cox is going to have a field day with Thames if he has a good season.

  10. And…. Holy fuck Shaft looks huge…. Looks like Hulk Hogan standing next to a bunch of figure skaters.
    Yes, I get the obvious problem with my analogy but dammit I dont know the names of any black wrestlers, not that I am disappointed by that.

  11. Thames, holy cow bro…your jacked! Look at those lumberjack forearms!

  12. Not to be gahy or anything but Eric Thames’s arms just made me gay!

  13. I was at the Habs game yesterday, and so were the Jays. I figured they would do a ceremonial puck drop. Nope. So then I thought they were at least get announced and shown on the jumbotron during a break in action. Not quite.

    Instead, they just showed them in the box for about 5 seconds, and then showed the winter tour logo for about one second. If you blinked, you missed it.

    Stay classy, Habs organization.

  14. who’s that little schoolboy in the middle? and why is thames wearing jason frasor’s shirt?

  15. i guess Thames is too young to have heard anything about the “DUBLIN INQUIRY” ..

  16. Thames , looks so strong, has he crushed a dog with his bare hands by the look of the picture?

  17. If Parkes is right about the transplant… I mean, he still looks like he’s got functioning legs (who knows where THEY come from)… I look forward to seeing him chase down fly balls on all fours a la leopard next season. That’s gotta be good for your range, if not for your arm accuracy…

  18. This picture makes Brett Lawrie look skinny.

  19. Anyone else dreading Tabbies homoerotic description of Thames come the spring. He’s SHOOOOOO SHTROOOONNGGG!!!

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