Predicting Future OriLOLes

With Luke Scott signing in Tampa Bay, it’s widely assumed that the Rays will no longer have a need for Johnny Damon in their lineup, freeing the designated hitter to sign with his fourth different team in four years. The Baltimore Orioles have been named by a couple of different pundits as a baseball club that requires the type of services that Damon provides.

Sure. Whatever. He can be this year’s Vladimir Guerrero if they want him to be that. In fact, he’ll probably be better at being this year’s Vladimir Guerrero than Vladimir Guerrero was last year.

But hey. Wait a minute here. Didn’t Luke Scott play for the Orioles last year? In fact, didn’t the Baltimore Orioles non-tender him in December, because he was likely to cost them around $6.5 million (a modest raise from what he made during an injury plagued 2011)? Considering that he made $5.5 million last year in Tampa Bay, how much do you suppose Johnny Damon is likely to be seeking?

I’d guess it wouldn’t be significantly less than the $6.5 million that Baltimore refused to pay Luke Scott in the first place. So, if the team does indeed follow the advice of Roch Kubatko and Jon Heyman the Orioles will have acquired another team’s cast off who was replaced by the player that they themselves cast off in the first place, all for around the same amount of money it would’ve cost the team to keep their original player, who projects to have a better season than the castoff.

Well played, Baltimore Orioles. Well played.