Selig’s Contract Approved

A couple days ago, I mentioned that the MLB owners would be gathering in Phoenix this week, and that one of their points of discussion would be to extend Bud Selig’s tenure as MLB Commissioner.

Well, its already happened. A two year deal was approved on Wednesday by MLB’s executive council, which I assume is run in a similar manner to a Jedi High Council.

As I touched on at the time of originally writing about this possibility, fans can dislike Bud Selig all they want, but they can’t criticize him for any occupational failings. It seems difficult for some of us to realize that his job is to make money for baseball franchise owners not better entertainment for fans. By this definition, he’s done an incredible job.

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  1. Ask not what Bud Selig can do for you, ask what can you do for Bud Selig?

  2. I love the pictures you dig up of that guy.

    • “Dig up” is very much an overstatement given his propensity for horrible, horrible pictures.

      • This pic is one of my personal faves. I want to know who Bud is so mad at in this picture. Also looks like he’s ready to drop an F-bomb on that person.

        • My hand NEVER gets that close to my face when using hand gestures. Is he in a phone booth?

          Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

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