Braves Sign Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson is the type of player who can tell you a lot about the team on which he plays. For instance, if he accumulates more than 200 plate appearances in a season, something has gone horribly wrong.

It’s somewhat easy to poke fun at Jack Wilson and his OPS from the last few years:

  • 2009: .562 OPS
  • 2010: .598 OPS
  • 2011: .559 OPS

But his offensive numbers have very little to do with him signing a contract today for $1 million with the Atlanta Braves to back up Tyler Pastornicky at shortstop, provide relief for Chipper Jones at third base and maybe, perhaps be a late inning defensive replacement for Dan Uggla at second base (okay, probably not, but the first two are legitimate roles)  this coming season.

Wilson’s value is in his glove. And even though the defensive metrics may suggest he’s not as valuable as he once was, there’s something to be said for having a guy on the bench who can play multiple infield positions and do so at least competently.

In other words, despite his horrible offensive numbers, Braves fans should be happy to have him on the bench instead of Brooks Conrad.

Wilson came over to the Braves in the middle of this past season, and in comparison to some of the other ludicrous deals handed out to middle infielders in the early going of the off season, this one seems rather reasonable.