Rangers Meeting With Fielder

Looking at the Texas Rangers roster and considering that they’ve been to the World Series twice in the last two years, it seemed as though Prince Fielder was such an obvious fit for the ball club. After all, Mitch Moreland and his .744 OPS played almost 800 innings at first base for the team last season. Only Aubrey Huff could be considered a worse regular first baseman than Moreland last year.

Fielder is such an enormous upgrade that for a team looking for a slight edge to get them back to the World Series, the former Milwaukee Brewers slugger takes the Rangers over that edge, down a decline, up a mountain and to another edge again where they can watch The Edge from U2 play the entirety of the score to The Edge, the motion picture starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.

And then, to top things off, their biggest rival in the American League West goes out and signs Albert Pujols, perhaps the only other free agent with a higher profile than Fielder.

However, despite how obvious it all seemed, the Rangers have gone out of their way on multiple occasions to deny interest in the plus sized first baseman.

That is until now. According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Fielder and the Rangers are meeting today at a hotel in Dallas.

If Fielder and Japanese import Yu Darvish end up signing with Texas, it’s bound to inspire the greatest Would You Rather game in baseball history:

Prince Fielder and Yu Darvish or C.J. Wilson and Albert Pujols.