According  the Colorado Rockies’ official Twitter feed, the residents of Coors Field have traded outfielder Seth Smith to the Oakland Athletics for right handed pitcher Guillermo Moscoso and left handed pitcher Josh Outman.

The deal lands the A’s a useful corner outfielder who mashes right handed pitching about as much as he struggles against left handed pitching. Smith will most likely team up with the recently acquired Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp as everyday players in the Oakland outfield. However, the A’s have the option of platooning Michael Taylor or Collin Cowgill with Smith, allowing either of the young outfielders to take his place against tougher lefties. Smith is under team control through 2014, and is scheduled to earn a little less than $2.5 million this coming season.

In return for Smith, the Rockies receive two pitchers who are just as likely to compete with Drew Pomeranz, Kevin Slowey and Alex White for spots in the back end of the rotation as they are to fill a role in the bullpen. Both guys rely on a fastball, slider and change up to get batters out, but Moscoso’s high fly ball rate conjures up a scary scenario for the Rockies playing in the thin air of Denver.

I’m not certain if Smith was properly appreciated by manager Jim Tracy in Colorado, where he put up an impressive .830 OPS and .357 wOBA in 533 plate appearances last season. While his numbers will most likely go down a little bit by switching addresses from Coors Field to the Oakland Coliseum, I think he wins this deal more than either team with the chance for a fresh start.

The A’s basically give up barely above replacement level pitchers for an outfielder that they can afford to give a chance to succeed. I like it from Oakland’s perspective.

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  1. Shouldn’t the headline also say Seth?

  2. seth, not scott (headline)

  3. oakland goes from a dejesus-crisp-willingham to reddick-crisp-smith.
    not too bad at all.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I sort of think this is exactly the type of outfield you want to put together if you’re kind of shit and don’t have any prospects who’ve shown that they deserve PAs.

  4. FYI: Title update, Scott Smith is the MMA fighter. Seth Smith is the ball player.

  5. good deal if solely to acquire a trade chip that contenders like the Reds will later need – a guy who can mash righties (IIRC). Don’t know if I like Oakland trading their crappy pitcher depth, though. Beane wasn’t there at Smart Org school the day TB and the Rangers got taught how to keep your pitchers insanely healthy – I’m just assuming all their shiny new pitchers will end up getting Tommy John in a year.

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