According to multiple reports, the Arizona Diamondbacks have signed starting pitcher Joe Saunders to a one year contract for 2012.

While we wait to learn the amount of money he’ll be receiving, it’s worth mentioning that Saunders was non tendered by the D’Backs last month when he countered a two year $12 million offer from the team with a proposal for a three year deal worth $27 million. MLB Trade Rumours originally projected that he’d earn $8.7 million through arbitration before Arizona non tendered him.

Update: Saunders signs with the Diamondbacks for $6 million.

After a year in which he once again showed a startling inability to miss bats with his four seam fastball that averaged below 90 miles per hour, Saunders will most likely round out a rotation in Arizona that already includes Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Trevor Cahill and Josh Collmenter.

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  1. That’s a cool picture. I’m surprised it doesn’t show Saunders looking like a loser.

    Oh, wait. He’s pitching.

    Good one, Parkes.

  2. DBacks: “How about 6 Mil Joe?”
    Saunders: “Nah I was thinkin more like 9.”
    DBacks: ” How about 6 and we don’t tell Johnny Mac that you originally thought we traded Johnson for a long-dead Canadian Prime Minister, and Aaron Hill.”
    Saunders: “You woul… Dog Gummit… 6 Mil for Bazooka Joe it is.. Yeeeee Haw!”

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