This is super Cuban prospect-shaped creature Yoenis Cespedes hitting his first Dominican League home run (via Keith Law). The ball travels a very long way and Cespedes makes sure to take his time around the bases, pimping this shot like it’s his job. Which, technically, it is.

Impressive as this homer is, all isn’t peachy keen for the sought-after Cuban defector. This take, for example, suggests the Rookie of the Year trophy might not be his to lose quite yet.

The early returns for Cespdes aren’t great in the DR but one must not get too carried away with this numbers. Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus tweeted about Cespedes recently, first noting Alexis Ramriez struggled during a similar rusty cameo in the Dominican but, encouragingly, noting scouts report Cespedes is hitting the ball much harder of late.

What does this all mean for Cespedes? No idea. Unless he came to the DR and completely set the world on fire, it doesn’t seem like there was a lot to gain in terms of bargaining leverage. There are teams interested before and they are surely just as interested today. It sure makes for good theater, though. The more grainy youtube videos resplendent with Modesto ads, the better. Keep swinging and keep swaggering, Yoenis.