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Not to suggest that the genius (Genius!) behind the Today’s Weather tumblr started the site with Getting Blanked in mind. But…if you were going to desperately troll for Getting Blanked links, there is no better way to do than the simple approach taken by Today’s Weather.

Take a weather map, insert images of Major League baseball players — mostly San Francisco Giants, natch — on the map where the usual weather graphics would go.

The posts are delievered as straight-forward weather reports but it is the key that really makes it:

KEY: Buster Posey = sunny/fair skies; Barry Zito = partly cloudy; Madison Bumgarner = overcast; Lance Berkman = rain; Brian Wilson = thunderstorms/severe weather; J.T. Snow = snow

Buster Posey represents fair & sunny skies, indeed.

Hat tip to The Phillas, a gentleman and scholar both.

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  1. Completely off topic, but apparently this Canadian-born player on the US women’s soccer team, and daughter of ex-MLB’r Ray Chadwick, was engaged to Brett Lawrie.

    • Isn’t he like 20? How is anyone formerly engaged at that age? DON’T THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY, BRETT.

      • And they were “formerly engaged”, so were they engaged at what, 18? 19? Ridiculous. Although there would be nothing stopping their kids! Talk about #beastmode.

        Maybe his stint in Vegas caused the end of the engagement? One can only hope.

  2. As I look at the window, it’s definitely J.T. Snowing.

  3. Other than JT Snow (and maybe Brian Wilson) I don’t get it.

    • Posey = Always smiling, future of Giants, “bright spot” in the organization.

      Zito = Crazy eccentric pitcher who practices yoga, seems a bit “cloudy” at times

      Bumgarner = All the hype in the world indicates he is “overcast” for his current role

      Berkman = Have you ever seen the Puma smile? Enough said

    • The guy above me got it pretty close. Buster does indeed represent the sunshine of our lives. Madison’s a fairly dour fellow in countenance, and so might be cloudiness personified. Zito’s peeking out from behind a cloud bank because it’s funny. Berkman is ugly and so is rain.

      There are two other icons not depicted on this particular map: C.J. Wilson, who represents below-average temperatures (cuz he’s cool, ya see) and Jeff Francoeur, who represents above-average temps (I just like the way he looks).

  4. “Hat tip to The Phillas, a gentleman and scholar both.”
    Where’s my goddamn beer, Drew.

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