Remember on Monday when I pined openly for the MLB Network in Canada? It was things just like this. Top Ten pitchers in baseball right now and they get it right. Right as rain! Even if they spent more time talking about number two, the outcome works nicely for me.

Hat tip to the Good Men and Women at the 700 Level.

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  1. single tear …

  2. I agree fully its a joke that we cant have the MLB network in Canada, I was in the DR a few weeks ago and thats all I watched.. sad just sad

  3. Sabathia is better than everyone on that list except Halladay. Sure, his peripherals might not be as good as a few of the others, but that’s almost entirely due to the difference in competition. His success in the toughest division in baseball shouldn’t be understated.

    And yeah, there is no real excuse for Rogers to not have the MLB Network in Canada by now. There is no real excuse for a lot of what Rogers does, though.

  4. Just kind of proves that once you move to the states, you get all the recognition. No doubt that joey bats would be an MVP if he played on most other teams.

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