Lebron James is not a normal man. He is so big and so fast, he is unlike anything ever seen in the NBA before. Seriously, Lebron is nearly identical in height and build as Hall of Fame power forward Karl Malone. The difference being Lebron swoops around the court leading fast breaks and doing this while the Mailman ran the pick & roll and kicked people while he shot elbow jumpers for 18 years.

When Lebron chases a ball out of bounds at home in Miami against the Los Angeles Lakers and nearly crushes a fan in the expensive courtside seats, it is a relief (and jaw-dropping) that Lebron is able to use his own strength to counter his momentum and cradle the man and his chair from crashing into the ground. What an athlete!

Until we realize that the fan in the front row is actually admitted despot Jeffery Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins and the most hated man in Montreal. C’Mon Lebron, you couldn’t have just let him crash to the ground just this once? How many bailouts and safety nets does one man need?!?

Typical Lebron. He can only go three quarters of the way towards doing the world a great service by squishing Jeffery Loria. Typical…

H/T to the Miami Herald’s Fish Bytes blog and Craig Sager for his winning suit.